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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Emil's 1st Christmas

TD and Tara called and they made it home just fine yesterday even with the wind blowing snow all over the freeway in spots. I'm glad he calls to tell me they are safely home. It's the Big Sister in me. I guess still gotta look out for the Little ones. LOL

Here are pics of Emil. Can I just say that he is like the most happy baby ever? He only fussed a bit once in the whole time they were here and only cheesed it once too. He is quite the mimic and tries to make the same sounds you do. He has his 2 bottom teeth and bit both my nose and my chin so I'll most likely end up with his bit of a cold from all the baby slobber that got in my nostrils.

He of course got all the really good presents. Daddy/Grandpa built him the litttle rocking chair it all slides together so they were able to pack it flat to get it home. He spent most of Christmas morning on Unky Blane's lap and they got to be enormously good friends, Blane being an expert at unwrapping gifts passed on all his knowledge to Emil. Most important being of course that if you can't tear into it with your hands use your teeth and slobber on it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Ho Ho!

Christmas without the Frog went very well.We got up ate some breakfast played with Emil and then Blane came and we opened gifts. I've decided that opening presents with Babies is really fun. They are soo very entertaining! At least Emil is. Blane and I taught him a new trick. We got him bouncing around, laughing and shaking his whole little body whenever we'd ask " Are you excited?" We both agreed he's even better than a puppy and Blane would know since he has 2 dog's that still haven't got sense enough not to pittle everytime someone comes to visit. It's not their lickers that they can't hold it's their bladder. But I digress...

The Crookston Family party was last Sautrday night. Both Quilts were done and ready but I was stumped as to what to do for my other mother. Finally I hit on a great idea and was sure no one would copy me. Season tickets to the Empress Theatre that's nine times to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves....Lots of good shows too. What the actors lack in execution they more than make up for in enthusiasum.

After the party I headed over to the store to get my meds and saw that the cemetery had luminerie's all lit up all over. It was so beautiful. I took alot of photos and called over to the house to let the others know how pretty it looked. when I got home TD & Tara were here with Baby Emil. Woo HOo!

Friday, December 21, 2007

More Babies

Carter's first birthday in August. He was really serious about getting all that cake into his mouth.

Aiden is trying to prove how very strong he is by pulling the TV down on himself. He went to visit Santa the other did not go well. Better luck next year.
And here is Emil looking absolutely adorable in the Pumpkin Patch!!

Babies & Little Guys

What is it about babies that make them so very much fun? I was looking at this photo of Ben with the Frog that I posted the other day and I can't believe how very much he has grown in just a little while. Here is a photo of him taken about a month after his 1st birthday! Not very baby-ee is it? When I wasn't looking he turned into a little boy!

Then there is Blake, Chase and Alyssa. Blake just had his first birthday a couple of days ago, in this photo he is still only about 7 months old but when I looked at him yesterday he got all growed up too! Last year at his time he was in the NICU.

Look at Chase.....Isn't that a great name for him? In this shot he looks just like he is ready to shout One! Two! Three! Goooo!!! and off he'd run liike a flash! His name really fits him.

How cute is Alyssa? Folding her arms like she has to be quiet to take a picture. She's a bit older than Sarina but only by a few months.

Sarina looks so grown up here you'd hardly believe she's only 3.

Pretty soon I'll get to meet Emil for the first time. He's looked like a little boy right from the first because of all his hair. I got to hear him eat the phone the other can bet I'm taking lots of pics of him!

Which reminds me of my great-nephews Carter and Aiden to be fair I've got to post pics of them too!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Haven't photgraphed them just yet but I have the Christmas Quilts done!! Woo Hoo! Of course they wouldn't have gotten finished at all except for Mom and Teresa who came by last night and worked on the king sized one. Now that there is furniture in the sCrap room that size really DOES NOT FIT! the grren one is so Kevin I really hope that he likes it. After all I bought the fabric 2 years ago thinking I had his name for Christmas 2006.


Then of course there were things a bit more important last year than doing a quilt. The closer I get to that one year mark the more I realize just how very special last December actually was.

The other night I even wrote my Letter to Santa thanking him for his gifts last year. I'm putting this photo from Christmas Day 2006 on the layout. The baby is Benjamin Hone. He and mom Cami came over to get away from all the hullabaloo at Aunt Carla's that day and we had a lovely visit. Here is another fun pic of him in Santa's sleigh

We had so many choice experiences and were blessed in so many ways that looking back I find it really incredible how very much we are loved.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is Coming

Last year the Frog listened to the Sounds of the Season channel on the TV everyday from the time he came home til he left. It was on literally 24/7. this year I can't even bear to turn it on. Driving round in the car is different, doesn't bother me but turning on the digi music channel does weird ain't it?
I put up his Angel tree in the living room this year. His Santa pushing the Teddy in the wheelchair has moved from the bedroom out to the shelves with the others; it will come back after Christmas is over.
The Trio trees are decked out in the family room with about 1/2 their usual 12 days ornament finery andin the LR most of the Santas are on display. Since I didn't put anything away last year it took me a bit to find some things this year. By the time I figured out where the big tree was I was tired of going up and down the stairs.
Chloe is dressed in her red Christmas dress and looking cute. There was a new Peanuts Christmas show on tonite about Lucy and Linus's little brother Rerun. Wasn't quite the same but it was cute.
I've gone to the Festival of Trees and Temple Square to see the lights and put me in the mood. I've even made fudge.
So I guess I'm ready.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday, December 01, 2007

White World

I woke up to a very white world and the sound of snowplows going by. It's really coming down right now and of course because some idot has gone too fast, not only have I heard the snow plows but also the sirens.
There is something really magical about snow.
Clean, fresh and white. I love the lawn and yard to be pristine with no footsteps but that will change as soon as the rest of the neighbourhood is awake. Sooner than later some little kid will see my beautiful yard of unsullied whiteness and tramp all round. It's okay though.
I remember sliding down the hill on old (and sometimes not so old) cookie sheets. We'd make a big old pile of snow at the end of the drive so we'd stop rather than slide on thru to the road. If we were really good you'd learn to make the turn and go along the front of the yard. Once or twice the cookie sheet kept going and ended up in the canal. Looking back we are so lucky we all didn't just break our fool necks!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a Little Holiday Humor

I just love posting funny stuff so just for fun I thought I'd pass this list I got from my friend Allison along. Hey Al....Is it snowing in Price too?

Holiday Eating Tips:

1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls.
2. Drink as much eggnog as you can. And quickly. Like fine single-malt scotch, it's rare. In fact, it's even rarer than single-malt scotch. You can't find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who cares that it has 10,000 calories in every sip? It's not as if you're going to turn into an eggnog-aholic or something. It's a treat. Enjoy it. Have one for me. Have two. It's later than you think. It's Christmas!
3. If something comes with gravy, use it. That's the whole point of gravy. Gravy does not stand alone. Pour it on.. Make a volcano out of your mashed potatoes. Fill it with gravy. Eat the volcano. Say the phrase "This means something" really serious like Richard Dryfuess in cClose Encounters of the Third Kind. Then Repeat.
4. As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they're made with skim milk or whole milk. If it's skim, pass. Why bother? It's like buying a sports car with an automatic transmission.
5. Do not have a snack before going to a party in an effort to control your eating. The whole point of going to a Christmas party is to eat other people's food for free. Lots of it. Hello?
6. Under no circumstances should you exercise between now and New Year's. You can do that in January when you have nothing else to do. This is the time for long naps, which you'll need after circling the buffet table while carrying a 10-pound plate of food and that vat of eggnog.
7. If you come across something really good at a buffet table, like frosted Christmas cookies in the shape and size of Santa, position yourself near them and don't budge. Have as many as you can before becoming the center of attention. They're like a beautiful pair of shoes. If you leave them behind, you're never going to see them again.
8. Same for pies. Apple. Pumpkin. Mincemeat. Have a slice of each. Or, if you don't like mincemeat, have two apples and one pumpkin. Always have three. When else do you get to have more than one dessert? Labor Day?
9. Did someone mention fruitcake? Granted, it's loaded with the mandatory celebratory calories, but avoid it at all cost. I mean, have SOME standards.
10. One final tip: If you don't feel terrible when you leave the party or get up from the table, you haven't been paying attention. Reread tips; start over, but hurry, January is just around the corner.
Remember this motto to live by:
"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, totally worn out and screaming, "WOO HOO what a ride!"

I should also mention that Allison was PG for the whole 9 months and only gained about 10 pounds the entire time. Miss Julia is 5 months old.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chloe's blog

Chloe has her own blog now. She begged and pleaded til I finally gave in. She was becoming quite unbearable to live with. What she thinks she has to write about I'll never know. Emma, Serina and Alyssa ought to get a kick out of it though.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Day

Since tommorrow is Thanksgiving I decided to think about what I have to be thankful for today. sort of to put me in the graditude mood. So in no particular order at all........
I'm thankful
that I have the family I do.
for the little switch that allows me instant heat on cold chilly mornings like today.
for sweaters and slippers. ( see above)
that all I have to do is ask and I'm taken care of.
that Marie made it to the finals on DWTS way to go!! Two church members get to compete!
that the cornbread I made yesterday...yes I did it again and actually baked...turned out so I can make cornbread stuffing that I can eat and enjoy.
for Craig taking the Christmas box to Washington with him so I can save money on shipping.
that Heidi gets to keep her foot and is doing a little better.
that Emma provides me such entertainment.
that I knew and loved my Frog and that he loved me.
for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that helps me from going crazy missing the Frog because I know that I will see him again.
for my truly dear friends, they encourage and inspire me, plan my social life, clean my gutters and treat me like family.
for my Smurf-mobile...gas is currently $3.11 a gallon and he sips it slowly.
for Pumpkin smells so good baking
for screwdrivers and the helpful guy at the Hardware store who kept looking til we found the right faucet handle to fix my leaky shower.
for my new church callings that will give me a social life wether I want to have one or not. LOL

My life is really packed full of blessings

Monday, November 12, 2007

Primary Sharing Time

This has been a really crazy weekend. Early Saturday morning I got up and made lots and lots of hashbrowns. Then it was off to the church house for our Teacher Appreciation Breakfast that I'd made the invitations for last week. A quick trip to the store and it was back to the church in time for the Primary Ice Cream Social for all the kids who had gotten the Articles of Faith memorized and passed off. We had 6 kids who had gotten all 13 done! Woo Hoo!! The youngest was 5yr old Elizabeth, she passed off 3 to me just that morning. Way to go! Trisha got an extra Marachino Cherry on her Banana Split since she was the first to pass them all off.
I was a bit worried that there would be a bit of jealousy from the popsicles group but we gave the Bananas their own special table and everyone still had alot of fun and no one did they "hey they got more" bit. They all seemed to understand that next year if they want the whole sundae they need to pass more off.
Sunday it was off to Sacrament Meeting then I had to do Sharing Time in Primary. I took Chloe in her Pilgrim outfit ( here she is last fall with little Myles) We talked about how nice it was not to be whipped or persecuted for our beliefs and some of the things that make us grateful to be members like learning the stories and songs in Primary.
Then we played Shower Ball the whole rest of the time. Later I asked Trisha what she had learned and she said "when you're having fun so is everyone else" which probably wasn't the point I should have been making but they all sit so still for Sacrament Meeting that I can't bear for them to have to sit and listen to me and the actual class lessons too. It's hard for me and I'm old. They all had fun though I changed the rules a bit and didn't make them put on the robes, or towels to answer they did get squirted when they missed the questions or the basket.
Then last night it was back to the meeting house for Priesthood Preview with the 11 yr old boys.
It's funny I'm still not very comfortable but I really love these little folks. I can act silly and they don't judge, they just go along with me wherever I lead. It's only been a few weeks but I'm sooo going to miss them when I'm released.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Eat Pete!!!

It seemed to be a big success. We had our Primary Presentation at church on Sunday morning. The music from the kids was wonderful and Cheri did a fabulous job in mixing it up so the meaning of the songs really shown thru. Sister Charlotte came with a Primary Genral Board member and they both liked it alot.
I spent most of the night before making up bookmarks to go with the kids Good Job candy treat. I also was assigned to play a game with the kids. Thanls to Middle Sis Jacq for suggesting
Don't Eat Pete.
The kids had alot of fun and one little fellow asked if he could take home the paper to use at his own FHE. Thenhe came round wanting some M& M's because he said I didn't need them cuz I was already fat ! LOL What would you do? I gave him the candy ....didn't want to be both fat and a hogg LOL

Monday, October 22, 2007

70's Show

It has taken me awhile but I finally get the whole Ashton Kutcher thing that was going on a few years ago. Not that I'm as GaGa over him as the rest of the world but I've become slightly addicted to
The Nostalgia is completely freaking me out!! All the music and cultural references not to mention the whole "I had THAT" clothing. For the record I looked more like Donna but dressed a bit more like Jackie. Though I did have a whole time where my hair was definitely Kitty's.
I recieved the exact same juice carafe and glasses as a wedding present. It also appeared frequently on both "Family Ties" and "GRowing Pains". Of course Heaven forbid we actually drank real OJ from it, that was for TANG and only TANG.
Speaking of which every other year for Christmas the Frog's grandparents gave all the married GK's a gallon can of TANG. Odd years we got a nice canned Ham.
Don't know what made me think of that but thought I'd toss that in.
Just proving I guess that I'm definitly a product of the whole TV generation even though it's taken me awhile.
And now I'm off to watch Marie and Jane on DWTS!! LOL

Friday, October 19, 2007

The End is Coming

The world as we know it must be coming to an end!!!
Not to truly alarm or terrify anyone out there is cyber space but yesterday
Yes friends that was Me with the mixer out...BTW who knew I even still had a mixer?
But there I was rooting round inside the cabinets and finally found Old Goldie, a little bit battered but still very useful even after all these years. She (one of the last of my orignal wedding gifts) helped me in my quest to make something just the least little bit NORMAL. Or as close as I can get to normal being as weird as I am.
So I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownies with flours from grains all over the world. Best of all they were GOOD!!!!
Even my friends liked them. Yes I shamelessly used them as unknowing guinea pigs. After all if it was going to kill me I certainly didn't want to die alone. I've never even thought of putting EVOO into my baking. But they tried them and none of them ran screaming for the hills. I don't think Dennis and Trisha really got what a big deal it was to me to have something taste so good, but Melissa did and was totally tickled with my effforts.
So if you notice me getting fatter it's not just the steroids I'm on. It may be that I'm lingering in the sinful goodness of fudgey warm Brownies and a big glass of milk.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Itchy Bitch

I could totally have my own Itchy and Scratchy show on the Simpsons!
I'm red and blotchy. I have itchy spots in places I didn't even know I had. I got out the spaghetti fork to use as a back scratcher for those spotst that I couldn't reach, even my tongue and armpits itch.
I've drowned my poor squatty itchy body in bath oil....didn't help... just makes the tub slippery.
I've tried an oatmeal bath....didn't help ...just clogged the drain up.
I re-filled the water softner with salt...didn't help....just made it easier to see the snow storm of dry dead skin floating on the greasey water.
I tried some cream....didn't help....well it did make me smell a bit better.
Finally I gave up and called the Dr. Most of this started last week when we upped the dose of one of my medicines. but according to him that isn't the cause so I went to my PC Dr who took one look and said I needed to be in hospital!! No insurance??? I don't think so...
So for now I'm back on steriods.
I wonder if it will cause me to have Roid Rage??
The itch is back AAARrrrggghhhhhhhhhh!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Wenesday Letters

This morning I'm reading a book called The Wenesday Letters It's very good I highly recommend it even though I haven't yet finished it. Anyway there I was reading along and the at the end of the chapter is this line...."Now I know why the Lord took his day off on Sunday. That must be the day he personally greets his favourites."
It seemed to totally take me by surprise since the very moment I read the lines I was struck with the thought that the Frog passed away on a Sunday. Then the tears came, and I knew it was true.
Then I wondered if that isn't a bit true of his send off's as well. Baby Sis was born on a Sunday. All her life she has been the perfect description of the Sunday's Child in the poem......."the child born on the Sabbath Day is bonnie and blithe and good and gay." I know she is one of God's favourites.
So now I'm wondering....
Then I realized that I AM.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Icky Sicky Me

The title of this post pretty much says it all.
I've been ill with a cold all week and it's finall turned from the runny nose dripping like crazy to the hoarse coughing til my sides hurt. Every fall and every spring as soon as the weather changes I go thru this. It wouldn't be so terribly bad if I didn't loose my voice as well.
I sounded pretty funny this morning when my friends called but by afternoon when I wished Little Sis Happy Birthday it was starting to smooth out a bit. Patty called back once they were all over scrapping at Heartfelt where I was suppossed to be with them to wish me well.
I have such great friends. I've talked with so many of them today that when Kristen came for her boutonierre for Homecoming tommorrow night I could hardly speak. I'm really hoping to feel much better tommorrow since there is alot going on then but we'll see.
Today I got a bunch of wonderful oranges and apples. I thought perhaps a bit of fruit will help, at least it involves no cooking. I tire so very easily anymore. My tests and biopsises went rather well on Monday and the Dr said things were doing about like he had expected. I'm now off the Super Spendy drug and on one that he is giving me free samples of. All to the good.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


All day long yesterday I saw the flags and watched re-caps 6 years later of the 9/11 attacks. It's still so very sad. Oprah even had a "what happened to the children" show on yesterday. I even answered a "where were you?" question on one of my favourite internet MB. Some of my friends wrote alot about it in their blogs and included lots of photos. Maybe next year I can do that but this year it's just much too sad.

Lots has happened in the last few weeks since I posted.

I went to Washington and Idaho
I went to Idaho and saw poor H. She's being so very brave and she is so lucky she still has a foot. So many surgeries 11 and counting. Em is getting so very very big she's already starting Pre-Schoo, she and I had a whole day together we went to the dentist, shopping for Uncle Blane's BDay clothes, to a chocolate factory and got dipped caramel apples and to lunch then home for naps it was alot of fun. We even hit Wally World and got her a new puzzle and a fun game along with stuff for dinner. I must have been channeling LB because I made what he calls "good chicken" LOL
In Washington I drove about the old home tired and sad and very neglected looking. In Moses Lake I saw alot of Middle Little Brother Boo, Big Little Sis Jack before she and her Bruce went to Vegas, their girls, 5 new kitty cats, cousin TK and her new shop, all the Aunties and waaaay lots of the 'rents. I finally unpacked my suitcase and did all the laundry on Sunday and Monday so I don't keep smelling like old people and scorched fruit ( they were canning alot of peaches) Middle Little Brother and I went bought them a new stove just before I left replacing the one with only 2 burners and a tempermental oven that was 25+ years old but when I talked with mom last night they still hadn't used it because it was "too Pretty"
I had a great visit there all in all and an awful trip home with very overcast skiies and alot thunder and lightening to boot. NOT Good.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Exciting Things

are going on this week.
Last Saturday my neice H decided to jump off a bridge at the ward campout and hit the water and broke her ankle with a compound fracture. Thankfully there was an ER Dr floating the river with his family and he had her leg set and splinted while waiting for Life Flight to take her to the hospital. They did a major surgery Saturday and another on Wenesday. She was going to have one today too but they've re-scheduled it tommorrow.
The poor kid She's been in the hospital all week long and poor Little Sis trying to be there for her and home with Em and plan for her too. Baby Sis finally had enough of her saying "No it's okay we're covered" and jumped in the car and headed down yesterday. Little Sis finally got to spend some time with Em and sleep in her own bed. I'm going up and take over on Monday since though I have no life I did have quite a few committments this week
Em decided she had had enough of staying wih Grandpa Beer's and ran away from them. They found her unhurt over by the comminity pool in the park but she needs alot more attention than older people can provide. Now I guess the RS is involved and they are taking her in the daytime to keep her occupied.
VonnDawn and their kids Chris and Rachel came to stay for a little while. When they got here I took them over to the pool and we went swimming. Chris sure can climb. The kids monkeyed around the rock wall for quite awhile til we decided Ice Cream sounded good. What was really good was the soak in the hot tub!! But we made it to Leatherby's in plenty of time to enjoy some sundae's. The next day they went to Temple Square then we met up with Chad and his new girlfriend, Big Little Brother, Craig & Liz and Dave at Guadalahonkey's for dinner. It's been awhile since we were there and they've changed the menu. Still Good but no Blue Corn Tortillas.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends

Woke to a nice surprise yesterday! m came up and weeded my terribly overgrown flowerbeds. Granted because the yarrow has gone to seed they are still sporting a lot of brown seed pods but it look 10,000 times better. I need to go gather them and put them in the back yard beds for next year. I just love the feathery foliage.
Good thing too since together we are hosting our neighbourhood Block Party Thursday night. My end of the street is eaisier to block off and I have 4 big tables we can use to serve from. We are both hoping to get to know some of our neighbours better. Alot of move-ins, move-outs this past year.
I'm sort of hoping MJ and N will come from next door in full costume. that would be a hoot for the neighbours down the street who don't believe we have real sword fights up here. I do however have photos to prove it!! LOL
If C shows in his Mountain Man re-inactment costume even better.
It's a BYOMD party with a potluck and we'll have a bunch on grills. Good Times!

Monday, August 06, 2007

My How Big Your Eyes Are

TD and Tara sent me more Emil pics today. My gosh he is getting so big! Only a few months old and already he looks almost like a toddler. LOL. It must be the hair. isn't it funny when they are little having hair ages them but when they get old having no hair ages them too. Boys are weird that way. Somedays I think he looks alot like tara and others he is all Terry like this picture of TD I just found

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My No Good Rotten Horrible Stinky Expensive Very Bad Day!

It started like any other day rolling over and fumbling on the nightstand for my glasses. Which weren't there but were on the floor. In pieces. Again. The lens popped out of the frame for the second time this week. So off to the Eye Center I need to go. Again. For the second time this week.
I guess I should be grateful that they are open. Sunday they weren't and I coudn't find my old pair til about 10 pm so I gave myself a really rotten headache. ( This isn't the rotten part...that comes later).
Off and On all day long I kept smelling a funky smell. I took out the trash.
The house still smelled.
I did up the dishes that I dirtied making a killer Potatoe Salad for Family Home Evening at Caldwell's. I ran lemon juice down the disposal. With the kitchen reasonably clean I settle down to read a bit.
Walking by the bathroom there it is again the funky pong that's been eluding me all morning. So like any reasonable woman I shut the door. No go, so I clean the bathroom.
I figure since I cleaned one I might as well clean the other.
I think of going to gawk at the rich folk and go to the Parade of Homes. I decided it's much to hot.
I'm tired I pick up my book again. I talk with Baby Sis on the phone. She's loving her new house and having fun settling in though it's not quite as easy as she'd like. There are trees to water and a lawn to mow.
Welcome to home ownership Sis!
We talk a bit more about nothing...we are sisters after all that happens. She mentions that the the house had a better washer and dryer than theirs so she sold theirs on Craig's List. Then it hit's me!
Maybe the funk is wet clothes left in the washer in hot weather. It's been known to happen before.......especially here. Nothing there or in the dryer. I run through a bit of Pine Sol in the washer anyway. now everything smells clean even if it isn't.
I decide to go get my prescriptions before the pharmacy closes....something I've been dreading all day. Yuck!! the bill was so high!! Almost $300 for 6 little tiny bottles of little tiny pills.
As I pull in I notice that the light in the garage is out again. No bigger I'll get it changed. The new light bulb doesn't work either!! Arrrgggghhh!
As I ponder my next move and go to shut the garage, it hits again, the whiff of a funky ick smell. About the same time I think I don't hear the freezer running I realize why the light's not working.
It was like the shower scene from Physco!!! Brief glimpses jerking harshly into my brain. It's dark, bloated, soggy and drippy all at the same time. I tentatively touch..... nothing is cool to the touch at all. Mold is already thriving. It is a total loss.
I open the door pull the car out and pull the trash barrel in and begin the disgusting task. Putrid meat, squishy veggies, dripping ice cream and 2 lone loaves of moldy bread make their way into the bin. Packaging with chemical reactions to being left in the dark for at least 3 to 4 days of 100 degree weather follow. The first bloated package causually tossed in onto the growing heap exploded, releasing the most unspeakable scent ever smelled into the already polluted evening air.
Outside in the fresher air of the front porch I cried, not wanting to face the rest of the disgusting task. Knowing there is no one but me to do it I go back into to face the fish. The bin was full, i gladly close the lid and roll it outside, realizing that there are 6 more days until the mess inside will be picked up.
Physically unable to reach inside even once more I turn on the Hose and pull the trigger on the sprayer, Hosing down the inside of the freezer. I lather the entire thing with Chlorox Cleaner and hose again. Lather rinse repeat, lather rinse repeat. I open 3 boxes of baking soda from storage and place inside after wiping the inside down with an old towel that I then throw away and wearily take myself to bed.
I told you
it was a no good rotten horrible stinky expensive very bad day.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baby Face

Is this not the cutest little face ever? Does he not have the most amazing little "old soul" eyes? TD & Tara sent me these update photos yesterday. he has apparently been out for a picnic and is still extremely curious about his little world.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I got this from Little Sis last night.

The thermometer on our back porch reads one hundred and five degrees. My night gown is hot and sticky. The air conditioner is humming, yet I don't feel it's coolness in the stuffy confines of my bedroom. My denim curtains are drawn closed to block out the blazing rays of evening sunshine. I am supposed to be asleep.

I can not sleep, because of my sweaty bangs clinging to my face. I daydream of winter and snow and frost on my window. I sing a little bit of Jingle Bells hoping that will help my imagination transport me to a cooler climate I pray for a breeze or a nice summer rain. And then I hear it...

The sweet calliope chimes of my Hero, my savior from the heat. Faintly at first but growing stronger and stronger. I quickly sneak to my window and peer out, looking for a glimpse of the glorious white truck covered with stickers of summer time treats. He is coming; I hear his music fill the air, beckoning children like a pied piper.

My mom calls out for me to partake of this sweet evening treat. I leap to my feet and chase the van down the street yelling loudly and begging for him to stop. With a smile he hands me a tall, sticky, cold watermelon Popsicle. I fork over my $1.50.

As I sit in the grass licking the tasty treat in my nightgown, I begin to cool off and relax. I begin to enjoy the heat of summer. I take a large bite and feel the freeze move through my body, from the tip of my tongue to the top of my head. It is BRAINFREEZE and it hurts I love it. I thank my knight in the white van, my musical Hero from the hellish heat.

Thank you Mr. Ice Cream Man, Thank You

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Me and the DMV

It was my Bday on Saturday.
I'm officially 29 years old with 17 years of experience.
I had the SIU gals and a few friends over to scrap. What a fun time we had!! Lots of chatting, eating and lots of scrapping done. 07/07/07 was a pretty good day I must say. Earlier in the day I'd gone over to see my cousin's foster son Sam be baptized a member of the LDS Church. We've all been referring to him as Sam for the past year but his real name is Reminder Pastour. Last summer when they first got home from Guam and brought him with them they realized that his was such an unusual name that he may be teased unbearably so every day he "tried on" a new name.
When they got home from the annual Loosle Family Lake Powell trip Sam it was. Grandpa had been calling him that and he liked it so it stuck.
Then Monday came and I had to face the DMV to renew my Driver's License. What a nightmare!!! how I wish I'd never gotten that ticket when the Frog's Dad died. Since it was within the 3 years I had to appear and get new photo and everything. do they ever look good???
I got there early about 9:30 but I got home at 1pm. I did bring a book with me Thank Goodness!! My number B183 was only 15 people off when I got there (B167) it took them that long to even get to me.
It was so bad I started and got to page 91 in the David Balducci book Split Second. Really sucks you in right from the first BTW. Sometimes being a confirmed bookworm pays off I guess. I from now on will always have a book in the car.
After a little while I really started to notice what was going on and why everything was moving so very very slowly. Over half of those applying could not speak English!! The staff had to repeat everything over and over. There were 2 people for over 15 windows who were trying to interpret Spanish but there were other languages being spoken as well. It was frustrating for me being in line behind them I know it was frustrating for the clerks trying valiantly to help them. I pity them having to go thru that day after day. Another huge reason for everyone learning to speak English.
Of course it will never happen.
It's just like the disrespect shown the American flag at that High School in California in that photo that was all over the internet.

You will not see this heart-stopping photo on the front
page of the NY Times or on the lead story of the major news networks.
The protestors put up the Mexican flag over the American flag flying
upside down at Montebello High School in California .

We predict this stunt will be the nail in the coffin of
any guest-worker/amnesty plan on the table in Washington . The image of
the American flag subborned to another and turned upside down on American
soil is already spreading on Internet forums and via e-mail.

Pass this along to every American citizen in your
address books and to every representative in the state and federal
government. If you choose to remain uninvolved, do not be amazed when
you no longer have a nation to call your own nor anything you have
worked for left since it will be "redistributed" to the activists while
you are so peacefully staying out of the "fray". Check history, it is
full of nations/empires that disappeared when its citizens no longer
held to their core beliefs and values. One person CAN make a difference.
One plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one....... .

The battle for secure borders and immigration laws
that actually mean something, however, hasn't even begun.

If this ticks YOU off...PASS IT ON!

I find this really horrible. I do have to give them credit though because unknowing or not the US flag being displayed upside down is a universal code for distress.
So if you want to copy and paste go ahead and feel free to send it on.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Let Freedom Ring!!

So I'm a little bit late big deal. I watched the fireworks from the dining room this year. The neighbour's tree is finally too big to sit on the back porsh and see them well. It started a bit slow but then it really got going well I guess thay collected more money this year than last.
I spent the evening over at Lila's we had corn on the cob, steaks and yummy potatoes. It all tasted so good!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Same Time, Next Year

So last night I stayed up til all hours reading then flipped the TV channel to see the time. Just how lazy is that? I really should plug the clock radio in again but I love my rrom to be really dark. any way back to my story
I turned the channel then discovered that one of my alltime favourite movies was on. I just love this show. Same Time, Next Year.
Alan Alda does such a great job of reacting to Ellen Burstyn's character especially when she comes after going back to school. I totally love his reaction when he discovers she's not wearing a bra. LOL
I love how they insert news TV and music in between each scene. I know that's one of the reasons I love Mr Holland's Opus and Forrest Gump so much too but this movie was out there before them moving the story along with the news of the time period.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Major Accomplishment

I accomplished something major last night. I went to a movie all by myself. I've never done that before. It wasn't too bad. I just didn't have anyone to talk with or laugh with so that made it sort of weird. Gosh next thing you know I'll be eating out in resturants all by myself too.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

I used to always avoid attending church on occaision's like today. But today I went. It wasn't so bad. Weird I know but when you spend years trying and you have no children, it hurts to see all those Mom's getting Flowers and Dad's getting PayDay candy bars (today's gifts to Dad's, how appropriate!).
I tried calling Daddy but they must be out to Jacque's or still in Church. I've been thinking alot about him this week. Mom said he'd fallen again on Monday turning the sprinklers on outside. He was looking pretty frail at the Frog's funeral I know I need to figure a way to get up there soon for a visit. One of my fondest earliest memories of Daddy was a time we went up in a little plane one of the guys in the ward was piloting and swooping low to see the trailer house. I felt so special to get to go, we did a couple of loop-de-loops and I didn't even get sick. Pretty cool when you only about 6.
Yesterday was nephew Brandon's wedding to Bridget. They looked so cute. The Mayor conducted the ceremony and he really talked in way too much. The fellows in the row in front of me were terribly bored, but that could have been because they had both finished their beers during the service. Their colours were Hot Pink and Bright Yellow (colours I have don't together in forever) but they blended beautifully. Karen had on a Hot pink dress as Mother of the Groom and B's sister was the Matron of Honour in yellow. I think Lila and Mrs Schultz were surprised to get corsages but I love it when the Grandmas and Grandpa's are honoured that way too. I almost always do white bows since you're never sure what they will be wearing. I thought it was cute that both of Bridget's G'pa's thought enough of her that they wore yellow shirts.neither of them thought much about what they were wearing til I mentioned it when I was pinning on the boutonnieres, then one said "I'm just as festive as all the rest now aren't I?"
Bridget even called me today about noon to say thanks again. It's so nice to be appreciated for my talents. I thank God for blessing me so much. It was awfully hot outside and the wind just really blew but it was nice. After my job was over I went over to Nat's to pick up a SIU SB swap. So nice of her to ask me in for a bit, it was cool in her home and the swap I picked up were fabulous!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I love that word. Well really how could you not?
Life = Change
I thought I'd better post early this week since the end of the week promises to be really busy. My oldest nephew Brandon is marrying his sweetie Bridget on Saturday and you guessed it Auntie Vic is doing the flowers for the Bridal Party. Their colours are Hot Pink and bright yellow so I've got these babies on order. SIL T is making the cake so it will go together really easy ( seeing as how this is the 3rd time for the same style) Love just doing the bitty clusters. I'll have to post once it's done.
TD and Other Sis sent out the cutest birth announcements for Emil and sent a couple of more photos in the last email. He's growing right B4 my eyes.
I spent last weekend at my friend Tamara's cabin. Sooo much fun. I decided to go at the last minute since I wasn't up home watching Cherise graduate. She really did alot to make us all feel welcome.
I'm jealous of her cabin's view. It was such a fun ride up there too. I'd never been that direction B4 and didn't know where I was going but it was fun getting there Highway 40 all the way to mile marker 59 was on her directions. It was past Strawberry Res almost to Duchesene.I stopped at the overlook and played with a chipmunk. Spunky little thing. Going over Daniel's Summitt was fun but the Smurf-Mobile made it just fine though. It's like he read the "Little Engine That Could" before we went. I was a bit worried on the gravel road too there were plenty of potholes but once again we made it just fine. He desperately needs a bath but not today. I've got to clear the sCraproom up before the wedding flowers come.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm an Auntie!!!

Been meaning to post this all week and havent't yet. Aaron Emil Nelson was born last Sunday morning after a long labor that ended in not only a C-section but an appendectomy for Mama too. Poor Tara.
Since he is the First Boy grandchild on the Nelson side and first grandchild ever on the Nielsen side litttle Emil will soon be very spoiled. Emma thinks that they named him after her and is already practicing his name in chalk on the drive way, or so she said. LOL
here are the cute pictures they've shared. Look at all that hair!! He weighed in at 8lbs 9oz and is 20 inches long. Didn't Baby Brother and Other Sis make a cute kid??

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Get IT!!!

So for how long have I drooled and even slobbered over my dream scraprooms posted on 2peas? filled with things from Pottery Barn, Ikea and Crate and Barrel.
I finally get it.
I have a new store to love! Meaning of course that I braved the mob and went look shopping at Ikea's grand opening yesterday. I wandered round for hours til I just almost couldn't walk back to the car. the Big Big Blue is going to be seeing a bunch of me. I'm very impressed anyway. i went and didn't buy a thing at all. LOL
The lines were so long I just jotted down item numbers of stuff I'd like to get in a few weeks once all the hullabaloo dies down. On the news they showed a line clear round the building and I guess traffic was really congested. Little Sis even had friends bring a big Uhaul down to buy stuff.
I ran into one gal in a yellow shirt tht said "Temporary Help don't ask me any hard questions" You've got to love a company that does that! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bugs are Ugly

There is a thread going on over a 2Peas about how often husbands compliment their wives. I started to post but realized it wasn't something I wanted to share. I miss that way the Frog looked at me. I miss that after he said something nice if I wasn't feeling particulary good about my appearence I could always say " What do you know you've been 1/2 blind for however many years" and we'd both laugh. He'd always say he knew I looked great because I was wearing the "good perfume" and I stinked purty. Estee Lauder's Exotic Pleasure's or Channel #5.
Both vials are empty now.
I've got alot of other "Stink Purty" stuff but have felt this terrible overwhelming urge to get my hinder over to Dillards and buy both which would set me back at least $5o each......
On the other hand, I do sometimes think I am as cute as a bug......... but then again most bugs are UGLY!!
On a brighter note I have a date tommorrow. Dinner and a Movie.
Of course it's with BLB, we are going to go see Shrek 3 and I'm bribing him with a Sunday dinner of Good Chicken. So how freakin' weird is it when you call your brother for a date because you've never gone to a movie by yourself in your whole life?
Thing #104 to talk to a shrink about.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

In the Thick of Things

I've not posted for a bit. Bad me Bad Bad!

I've been so busy that I can't take the time as often. That's a good thing I suppose.

Keeping Busy Keeping Busy KWIM?

It's looking more and more that I won't be up to much visiting as I planned this summer but then again things may work out.

Gas is up over $3.10 a gallon so I'm still madly inlove with my cutey Smurf-Mobile. I even found a couple online groups for FIT owners. One is all about Car Guy stuff. The other just started up so we'll see how it goes. It's nice to know that I'm not the only owner that really wants an armrest too.

Last week I totally exhausted myself doing a few wedding flowers. It turned out very pretty but now I really HATE Lilies!! I purposely picked up the flowers a couple of days early and the stupid lilies would not open. Of course there were still a couple of very stubborn hold-outs that got left here at home and they look fabulous now......a week late!!!!!! Damn Stargazers. Of course that same day I also did a few corsages and bouts for Prom. but I just traded weeding the yard for the kids who needed them and it's already looking much better.

No For Sale By Neighbour signs for me!

Bridget came over last night and we went over what she would like for her big day next month. I love Brides who leave it all up to me! They tell me their colours and a few favourite flowers and off I go to make it pretty. It's the best. For such young kids she and Brandon really have it on the ball

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Croppin' Round the Clock

So I haven't yet decided if I'm incredibly stupid or terribly in need of human contact. I woke Friday planning to take a nap sometime b4 I left to go cropping that afternoon. Totally did not happen. Instead I blithely went my way anyway sans nap. Fast forward 36 hours into the overnight crop to celebrate National Scrapbook Day.
Still no nap but also no drugs. Patty sent daughter Janues home and she got me a couple of avandament so I wasn't completely loopy. Never again!
A couple of days and nights does are now packed in my purse.The funny thing was I didn't really miss the dose til about 1 or 2 pm. Then I really got a bit loopy.
So I've decided I'm much to friggin' old for this crap. Last weekend up at the cabin I hardly slept but that was okay since I knew there was a bed just a few steps away. This time I was aways from home and even though I made it back okay it was through no small effort on my part. Of course then I got a few phone calls so I still didn't make it to bed til close to midnight. I talk too damn much anyway but a lack of sleep sure gives me diarherra of the mouth. So to any of my fellow SIU scrappers I apoligize for any of my remarks that may have offended.
I did get a ton of stuff done and actually used photos and got a bit of journaling done too. I think I have caught up to my own personal goals quite nicely.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

eBay Score!!

I know I've been a bit carried away with Craig's List lately. In fact it has become an obession. I just have to look I check it out Before I even read my email. After all there may be something wonderful on my next click to see the photo of whatever is being sold.
You may remember my recent coup at finding a Claw Foot Tub. Did I mention in the post that it was missing the actual feet? Nope. Well it was. So I'm currently scouring the web for feet to go on my steal of a deal $100.00 tub. After all it's terribly hard to brag about having a claw footed tub if it has no claws, Right? Right.
It also needs a faucet and drain. Not Cheap but then I knew that. The least expensive one at Lowe's that I could kinda sorta stand to to look at every morning and/or night was $200.00 just for the faucet. The drains ran about $60.00. No big problem I sort of expected to pay more to hook it all up than I'd paid for it. After all I had a faucet installed last year when I bid on "Hire a Husband" at the Boy Scout Fundraiser (whole 'nother story there). But they had no feet less than $425.00!!!! WTH is up with that?
So being the incredibly tight-fisted cheapskate that my parents (bless them ) raised me to be I sought out another solution. In comes the eBay part of my story......NIB Claw Foot Tub Faucet with Drain Kit!! So I placed my bid.
No sooner did I do that than of course someone bid against me! I then decide that I can afford to bid what the least expensive new one costs So I carefully bid again. Then I looked at the bid history. It was one of the outrageously expensive online eBay stores that was bidding against me. So now I'm on to them.....I waited til late Friday night and put in my max bid six hours before the auction closed figuring they would be closed for the weekend. Well I must have been right because I won!! It's now on it's way and I didn't even pay close to my max. If fact once they added the shipping to the invoice I'm still under Lowe's "Okay if I have to" one by $35.00 I'm doing my happy dance again!! Go Me! Go Me! You're the Princess! You Rock Girl!\
The auction for the feet doesn't end til Wenesday. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Here She Comes

I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the
morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength.
I Stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of
white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.
Then someone at my side says: "There, she is gone!"
"Gone where?"
Gone from my sight. That is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as she was when she left my side and she is just as able
to bear her load of living freight to her destined port.
Her diminished size is in me, not her.
And just at that moment when someone says:
"There, she is gone!" there are other eyes
watching her coming,
and other voices ready to take up the glad shout:
"Here she comes!"
And that is dying. ~Henry Van Dyke

I found this poem on another blog that I read. It was so very moving to me. I've been having an hard time the last week or so. It's like I've finally awoken to an entirely different world. The littlest things will have me tearing up.....and not just because I just got my eyes tested six ways from Sunday including dialation. I love the knowledge the gospel brings into my life and all the answers to questions that we have about what happens after someone dies. I feel like I never really knew it til now. All the stuff that we are taught in church some how seems so much more real now than it ever did seven or eight months ago. I've been missing him more and more lately not less. Maybe this is also part of God's plan, strength to deal with all those details then He slows things down until you really have accepted the loss before He helps you to grieve.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech

The Shooting at Virginia Tech is all over the news this week. Sometimes I am so very glad not to be a parent. I can't comprehend the worry and concern you need to go thru in order to sleep at night if your child was away.
There is ao much violence in everything. I'm in awe that the guns were not only easy to get but unlike some of the other incidents, it has come out these were purchased legally. What is legal about a gun that is clearly meant to Kill A PERSON?? I grew up with hunting rifles. Everyone had a rifle or shotgun but never these automatic 12 shot pistols and such. Scarey. I'm sure I'm officially an old f**t since I'm walking about wondering what the world is coming to.
I guess that's why I'm Pro-Knife.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Craig's List Score!

How fun is Craig's List!! I totally love it and am completely addicted to shopping there!
I just scored a clawfoot bath tub. Totally way heavy it's an old antique cast iron one but is in pretty good shape all it needs is a good cleaning, some feet and the faucet and drain stuff which unfortuantely WILL BE more than the tub, but I'm so doing a little Happy Dance anyway! They even delivered it to me. So much better!
The same size tub retails new for over $1500.00. It's so big & heavy it may need to go into the MB rather than downstairs which is fine that's where I'd use it most anyway. It's deep and slanty backed and I'm in love! And if it doesn't work out I'll sell it on Craig's list but I just saved $1420.00 on my dream tub!! Woo Hoo! In your eye eBay!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April Showers

Last night you really knew it was certainly April. Boy did we get showered!

I guess I really do need to take the plastic forks out of the lawn that the YW put there for St Patty's Day. There are about 20 of them, all with a shamrock on them. I guess they tought I needed some Good Luck!

Teri C shared some of her fav photos with us on the SIU MB today. This is one of them. So cute!! I love spring flowers and had quite a few planted but Guido the Gopher and his pals ate them all up. I so need to re-plant next fall.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Revenge Is Sweet

I know I truly shouldn't be laughing about this but it is just way too funny. I might of posted about this particular headache last fall. Anyway there is a cute thread going on over at 2Peas message board about weddings and I popped in a couple of times. So here's the story one gal was complaining about her SIL holding her wedding luncheon in the food court at the local mall and how terribly embarrassed she was. I just had to share this story with them.

{Oh Monkey Girl I feel your " food court" embarrassment and raise you one Bridezilla from a few months ago who got exactly what she richly deserved. Her darling SIL C who does my hair referred her to me for all the flowers...not consulting or referrals just flowers. Anyway the Bride must have had 10 different "test runs" of her hair alone before the wedding and C was getting a bit upset about alot of unpaid hours of styling. Everything had to be perfect and just so and of course it rarely ever is. This little gal was micro-managing absolutely everything and driving me......doing only her the point of distraction.

So after posting on the MB earlier I went in and got my hair done. Of course she comes up in conversation because of all the drama and C tells me that SIL is now wearing her hair extremely short because her beautiful gorgeous too expensive even though it was a rental "just had to have it" veil had not only been in her way through most of the reception it had given her Head Lice!! LOL }

I can't stop laughing. According to C it cost her SIL more than the price of a perfectly pretty brand new veil to rent this one and it wasn't even that pretty it just had " real gems " in the Tiara part. I haven't quit laughing over it all afternoon. Giving the Groom Lice on your honeymoon has to rate up there in weddings doomed B4 they start don't ya think?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dancing With the Stars

This has got to be one of the craziest of the reality shows on TV right now but Lord help me I'm totally addicted!!
It's So Much FUN!
This season of course I'm rooting for Apollo Anton Ono what a Cutie Patootie he is! I also love Lelia Ali and Joey Fatone from New Kids On the Block. I really don't know how they get to be Stars some are definitely Not anymore but how fun it is to watch them.
I'm so into this I'm going to BYU on Friday to See the Ballroom team perform. Baby Sis said it would really be worth it.
I'm still mad that Mario didn't win last season.

Friday, March 23, 2007

An Ad for My CAR

I most likely should point out that my car is called a JAZZ in Europe and a few other countries, way cuter name. I love how Jim Daley who reads the Harry Potter books on DVD is the narrator on the voice over. I like this german ad too. It really shows off how much you can get inside. they really should have offered the yellow here in the states. How cute is that?

The Life and Times of a Bachelor Brother

I feel like I've accomplished nothing all week so I decided to see where I've spent my time.
Monday I cleaned my house.
So of course on Tuesday I died, and ended up in bed or on the bathroom floor almost all day. Wenesday was a bit better, I met Tasha at Big Little Brother's and showed her the deplorable mess he had going on. His fridge is still on the front porch. She is going to be soo good for him. She was on the phone telling him the his own was hysterical! It was also worth every penny! As she cleans she organizes so it was really, really nice. though the MT Diet Orange Sunkist soda cans in the linen closet he's been saving to build a rocket from almost suffered a nasty fate.
She wouldn't let me do anything so I decided to get the hell out her way and took all the laundry over to the wash and dry. It so needed it it, the washer and dryer are still in the garage too. LOL
Twelve loads, $50 and 3 hours later I was back and his house looked so good! She'll be back on an ongoing basis every few days and I'm thrilled with her teams work. She's even going to have her 10 year old come with her on Friday afternoons to give the boys--Parky and Berg--- baths and brush the little stinkers coats out for $5 per dog. Hopefully that will keep the whole Dog hair issue at bay.
He called and is happy too though he couldn't find his socks to get ready for work yesterday. I told him that's why your suppossed to put the clean laundry away! If he'd just opened the garbage sacks on the cedar chest he would have found them. BTW if You are reading this BLB your under-roos are in the other sack.
The guys called and my car's new tire came in from Denver. So I took the car in and it took all of about 10 minutes to solve my 3 day long problem. I guess if finding a hard to fit tire for the FIT is it's biggest issue I have i'll be in good shape. Stinks it wasn't under the warranty but then tires rarely are. At least I'm not on the weenie wheel any longer. To their credit the dealer paid all the shipping and about 1/3 the cost for the frustration I was having trying to find one that matched the others. BLB says I probably should have bought 2 so I'd have a full sized spare but it needs to be on the wheel so I'd need one of them too. $$$$$ I figure that now there are 5 places that know I need them they will be easier to get as my car becomes more and more popular. Which it will be! After all Nat already has her little Copper Cutie to match my Smurf-mobile at Crops. Patty is already convinced too!
Yesterday I died again and was in such pain I was in a Lortab induced haze for most of the day. LOL
Cami came by with the kiddos and I played for a bit with them. My little Ben Dee boy is still cheesing all over so she's going to have to try and see if he is allergic to other stuff too. He's so cute and so happy all the time. I've got him doing Twist and Shout really well and he's starting to cruise round the furniture. He's getting the hang of Peek A Boo and now holds up his arms for Waaayy Big! The older boys were exhausted from going to the Zoo all day and Serina just looked cute and shy so they watched something called Kim Possible.
Today I have another Dr's appointment on the shedule. Yuck!! Then I go se Dr Joe and see if we can't do something about my back. I'm not lifting the Frog any more so it shouldn't be this painful. Somedays I can barely walk, stand or sit still.
Little Sis is having some of the same problems her Dr wants her in PT for the next 3 weeks. If she takes that much time off she may loose some of her DC kids so I may head up there Saturday for a week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today I am a Hydrangea

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You are just a little bit of a show off and like to prove just what you can do. Every time someone double-dog-dared you, you proved that not only could you do it, but you could do it with style."

So much for being a Daffodil LOL

Of course I love Hydrangea's too. They look alot like Rhododenrumn's the Washington State flower so wish it was temperate enough for them to grow well here. When Allison went to Italy last year she got a beatiful picture of one. Hydrangea not Rhododenrumn. Big as a dinner plate.

One of my brides this summer is carrying 3 Hydrangeas and 15 Blue Bird roses. By their wedding date they will have been dating 3 years and 15 days. She will have each of her Bride's maids carry one Hydrangea bloom as their bouquet. Woo Hoo for me! they are so easy to make up!! Cake is going to be not so fun though. Sweet peas....I seem to have a real love/hate relationship with them. Love them. But hate using them in wedding work. The girls always want to mix them with something but they are so much prettier with just their ownselves.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am a Daffodil... Who Knew?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

My Friend Allison sent me this quiz. It says I'm a Daffodil. That's good because I adore daffodils!!
They are soo pretty I can't wait to see them every year. The Frog's uncle has a huge bunch planted along the fence so every time I go anywhere I tend to pass their home and see them. In the summer there are gorgeous Irises too. I wish I could grow as many lowers as they do. I did get a pretty good start and bought some magic carpet flowers pre-seeded for the front yard from QVC. We'll have to see how things go. They sure looked pretty on the show. LOL Knowing me though I'll most likely kill them in the morning....Did you catch that little nod to the Princess Bride?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Crazy Women

I met up with Connie yesterday and we went to the CTMH Sale Down at UVSC.
Found some pretty good buys. Stood in line for a long long time.
But I did NOT find any stamp sets. A very few people got some but we were there early....about 1/2 hr after they opened and all they had left was Kawanza and a Christmas one with pointsettas.
Good Deals, LONG Lines, Crazy Women.

Every time I go to something like this I say never again but I always go again.
I got to see Connie's new house. It's sooo beautiful and it's not even completely clean from the construction mess yet though the upstairs sparkles like a new penny. The cleaning crew was there while we were. the house is Huge! Her 3 kids will all have seperate rooms. Something little Austin (4) is really looking forward to, except get this he doesn't like his new blue room. He told me he didn't like the colour about 6 times.
I also said something the framers wanted to do was "stupid" that Connie had made the right choice to change it and he said I couldn't use bad words at their house. LOL
If only he knew...........
I'm getting quite the education from little kids lately.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Shamrocks

So fun! Here is a pic of my cutie pie new friends from last week. Little Sis sent it to me yesterday. Tha's Andrei on the end, Ella apparently can't smile without closing her eyes, Marko is an old hat at posing, Zoe not sure of why she has to stand still and Emelia the little ham on the right.
How cute are they?
They look all ready to eat Green Eggs and Ham on Saturday don't they?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sunshine and Wet Dogs

So here I am in Idaho. I just got in the Smurf-mobile and came up on Sunday. I was going to come up last week but BIL was sick so I stayed home.
I think I'm having a good time visiting. Since Little Sis does daycare I've gotten to play with babies the last couple of days. For some reason even the "stinky" babies smell better than the older kids after they've played outside. C says her kid smells because it's something to do with their being brunettes. I think that all the toddlers are guilty of wet dog smelling hair after they've been outside. She of course doen't HAVE dogs ( the whole family has allergies) but Em definitely has wet dog smelling hair after playing hard in the sunshine all day.

Speaking of Em, She keeps wanting to brush my hair. I guess today the thrill finally wore off. She'a a bit upset that I cut it again I guess. It's not long enough to go up into a pony and so she is frustrated. Plus if she combs mine, it's only fair I get to comb hers, right? not so good when you're 4 and tangled. LOL

She has lots of cute friends that come and play with her. One little girl Zoe has been here all week and is so cute. She doesn't say much yet but she's really cute and has clothes even Chloe is jealous of. Yesterday we got to play with Ella she's a darling little 2 yr old redhead with naturally curly hair, just falls about her in ringlets. She has huge blue eyes too. Marko and Andrei are here all week too because their folks are buying a new house close by. They both just let Emma bully them something awful. I guess she learned the whole " My House, My Rules" from me. Little Ryan actually stands up to her and Zoe just ignores her completely so it's funny to watch. Zoe is also a little Brunette with the cutest little monkey face.

She looks enough like Em they could be sisters. They have the same haircut and everything.

Logan's a bit of a pill but he is really fun to cuddle. I thought I'd won him over cuz I got him laughing a bit playing peek a boo but he must of forgotten he liked me after he had his nap. the best baby is Noah. He is just so very happy give him a little attention and he'll giggle and grin and have a really super good time. C has a little Johnny Jumper and he really loves to bounce in it and he jabbers away to his own little songs.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Little Elves

I have lots of little elves in my life right now. I went out to shovel the mountains of snow from the driveway and the next thing I know helpers magically appear. Did I mention we got about 5 inches just today?
The Highway behind the house was so slow this morning and the snow was falling so fast I could barely see the cars! Unfortunately, I could still hear them.
We are supposed to get hit again tonite so good thing I stocked up the other day.
Sam also lifted thr old TV into the back of the to the DI it goes. I'm taking it to the 4700 S 4000 West Store incase you need a 27" TV that takes 10 minutes for the picture tube to warm up enought to make out the outline. Remote is included. LOL
It turns out that I didn't need to load up my chairs, one of the young fellow's in the neighbourhood is getting married and is not above a bit of begging. I'm so glad to get rid of them I hope he and his bride get some good use from them. They are very comfy but also very bulky.
I found out the other day that it was BIL Hal who brought me the rose on Valentine's Day. How sweet is that? He said he would have taken one to Teresa too but He can't figure out where it is that she works..... so Mom & I got them. And here I was giving Djinni all the credit...she and the girls dropped by a card and so did Tami and the kids. I also got Valentine's from the younger girls in the ward. Nice to be remembered.
I'm thinking about getting off my duff and getting the basement finished so I can rent it out or something.
I also talked with LA about becoming a Foster Mom or short term Shelter mom. Just Ideas I'm kicking around. I did some research and it doesn't pay well at all but I wouldn't be lonely nor bored with folks in and out.
Thanks Hal! It was really sweet of you.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


My SIL sent me this this morning.
After more than 50 years of living in this world, here is what I've learned: THIS SAYS IT ALL: Time passes. way too fast! Life happens. Distance separates. Children grow up. With any luck! Jobs come and go. Got that right! Love waxes and wanes. (daily)Men don't do what they're supposed to do. Amen to that! :-)Hearts break., and mend Parents die. Colleagues forget favors. Careers end. BUT.........

Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend that is never farther away than needing her can reach. When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end. Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you...Or come in and carry you out.

Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended family, all bless our life! The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I.

When we began this adventure called womanhood, we had no idea of the incredible joys or sorrows that lay ahead. Nor did we know how much we would need each other. Every day, we need each other still. Pass this on to all the women who help make your life meaningful.

I just did.

Short and very sweet: There are more than twenty angels in this world. Ten are peacefully sleeping on clouds. Nine are playing. And one is reading her email at this moment. Happy days!