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Friday, September 29, 2006

Confessions of a Mad Scrapper

I do freely admitt that I suffer greatly from Accum-u-late-is More-is and I NEED nothing. but I went to the Making Memories Warehouse Sale's those 4 little letters. SALE
I just went because I didn't want to watch the Frog getting his IV.
I mean after all is there anything more boring?? Except maybe getting one yourself.
So there I was hoping to score a cute Album or some fun my credit I did not buy 1 single sheet of paper.
One minute it was same old same old been there got that. Then next I looked, I had a full box of stuff so I booked it over to the counter, checked out and got the hell out of Dodge...or in this case Centerville. Then what did I do you ask.......especially after my last disasterous visit to the same sale last spring?
Yup you guessed it I stopped at the Memories Outlet Store and spent more on a QK bobbin spool and a new Frog. But I did get Kris a cute Baby book.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Miscellaneous Oowie's

So this is my week from hell. yesterday I got squished....again and since it's the second time this year the insurance wouldn't pay for it without a fight. does the term " High Risk" not make any sense to them or what?
Today we got the opportunity to try a couple of new chairs for the Frog. the DME rep that came seemed very knowledgeable until I pulled the van out and made him put his "test" models in. Of course none fit the ramp and 2 were too tall for the Frog to fit on the chair inside. How much more clear does it have to be? I could care less about all of a wheelchairs many features vrs the other if it doesn't suit the needs of the patient it does no good. AREN"T YOU LISTENING!!!! I'm not spending the $$$$.$$ on another chair to not have it fit inside the van with the Frog in it.Woo Hoo it comes it pretty colours!
After that fiasco, well maybe not, he measured both his chairs, the van and him countless times but said it could take another 2 months B4 it goes thru.
Anyway it was time to go to my guts and bolts Dr. and hear the whole Terrorist test results The medicine for the Chron's is not working.........DUH!!! ya think? some fissures are new, some show a bit of healing and some show no improvment at all. So off I went where they drew blood...lots of it.. close to an entire pint. After those tests the next step is another biopsy endoscopy. Yuck!
Tommorrow promises to be no better since I have yet another Dr appoinment. thursday was looking good til the hospital called to remind us of the Frog's solumedrol IV all day. Friday who knows. It really wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a co-pay and at least 1 new prescription involved for every visit. Of course now I'm bruised terribly from all my bloodletting. Ever had elbow ache? wonder if that's a new diesase?

Monday, September 25, 2006

Democrat or Republican?

I'm the first to admit that I'm an extremely opinionated broad and usually don't have any trouble being heard but lately things are becoming a bit crazy.
Daddy always said growing up that we couldn't bitch about our goverment officials..... Unless I excersized my right to vote. So I vote in every election from water district to dog catcher.
I vote in primary and the general elections, so I guess that's where it started but this weekend I've had calls from both the Republicans and the Democrats wanting me to contribute to the cause. They were both a bit put out when I explained that I swing both ways. LOL
I VOTE ISSUES not parties and I'm proud of that!!!
Then this probably ten year old pimply faced twit doing the calling tells me that here in Utah we have to DECLARE our party affiliation and can no longer vote in both primaries but must choose. I liked whittiling out the chaff...I don't want to choose. I want to remain Strictly Miss Independant!! In a mostly Republican state I like to vote Democratic once in awhile. It shakes things up. It keeps everyone on their toes and It makes me feel like I'm in control once in awhile.
Soo for all of you who know me....and my loudly and sometimes longly voiced opinions
Am I a Democrat or a Republican?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Scrapped: A Movie Review

Got my "Scrapped: the Movie" in the mail the other day. The Frog and I watched it. I thought it was more of a comedy like movie when I ordered it but it is actually a very nice little documentery.
It is really cute in spots and really dull the second 20 minutes of it. That's when some freaky weird scientist type guy explains how we process memory in our brains. Lots and Lots of CM products shown there is even a tour of their facility in Minnesota. It has lots of interviews with people who are involved in scrapbooking and explains the scrapbooking mania to people who just don't "get it".
The best part is the star writer director going to a day crop. It was really funny ! He's carrying his own unquiely personal cropping tote...think biker studs, Harley patches and slogans all over a black CM navigator.

It was very moving too when he interviews both his parents. It makes the viewer "get it". That it's not about the colourful papers, stickers, punches and's about the photos and the memories they invoke and the marvelous stories behind those photos. That it's not enough to just scrap the good...but also the bad and the ugly and the testimony of our faith that like AE life, create art.
If you are a CM demostrator I think this is an absolute gotta have...if you're just curious about it call and borrow my copy. For an explaination and the fun promos and trailers or to purchase your own copy go to-


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Love is in the Air

I've been to two weddings in two days. Last night it was for two kids in the neighnourhood who have been waiting along time. Alisha is very young, she just graduated High School in June.......maybe I'm just very old though. After all I graduated in May and was married that December, plus I didn't grow up with the Frog around most of my life. Wade has been so cute about getting married, very protective of her. She looked beautiful! and they kept things simple and elegant at their reception.
When we first moved here he was in my Primary class at church along with his sister Arica. Their brother John Jr was in the other class because they didn't want all 3 of the triplets together. Well it happened alot anyway because the other teacher was always sick. Now all my Valiant B's are married except Arica. Some are even having their first children. I am old. It was good to see John Jr in his dress greens, he looked so nice, he even wears a little bit different cap because of some special training he is getting in the Army. I hope that he stays out of harms way but the way he talked he will probably be seeing a lot of sand in his future.
Tonite's reception was very different! Our dear friends Shauna and Rusty married off their youngest daughter Amber. It was quite a party! If you went away hungry it was your own fault. The DJ was very good I need to get his name to recommend him. I got there a bit late and like Lacey's wedding last year it was outside in the yard. No rain, but it was very chilly. When it came time for the Daddy & Daughter dance Rusty was rubbing her arms to keep her warm since her beautiful gown was strapless. Someone finally went in the house and got her a sweater! I thnk alot of folks were dancing just to keep warm.
so the removing of the garter and the bouquet toss pictures she doen't have her teeth chattering LOL
Amanda and Darlene made the trip up to both receptions and it was good to catch up with them. A is planning on a mission in January and JD will be going sometime in November so they will have both kids out at the same time. Talk about the MT nest syndrome!! but when I came home and told the Frog he was very excited about it for them.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Spoiled? I think not!

So I'm lazying about yesterday afternoon and there is a knock on the door.
It was the Present Man!aka UPS with a package for me. Woo Hoo! It's wrapped in the whole roll of packing tape and turns out it's Chloe's little Pink Ironing board that I'd bought off of eBay. since I got charged more for the shipping than I paid for it I guess she thought I should get my money's worth. LOL
Chloe's closet is more full of cute clothes than mine. She needed an ironing board to keep things neat in there. I already had the little bitty pink iron from Heidi Swapp. How cute is this?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today I am a Terrorist

So yesterday I was on liquids all day. Who's bright Idea was that I'd like to know? Labor Day BBQ and all.......So Not Fun!!
Today I look like some sort of Suicide Bomber with this thing strappped around me. A big black belt with supsenders and a computer thingy that is following the progress of little camera capsule they made me swallow. Which was not all that easy to swallow. It's about 3/4" by 1" and it blinks.
I don't know about you but I don't like food that moves, ie Jello nor do I think swallowing things that blink should be on anyone's diet for the day.
What if I blow Up?
What would happen if I just showed up at the airport?
That could be interesting....hmmmm..... Nope better not I don't feel good enough to get tackled by anyone. Plus they'd most likely make me pay for the whole machine and my insurance co-pay was bad enough. I'll have to take and post a picture I look ridiculous!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Fun Trip out of the Bog

So since I didn't post at all while I was gone I thoug I should take a minute to report on my trip up to Boise.
I left Thursday and when I got to the Southwest counter at the airport the line was so long I went back outside and checked my bags in with the SkyCap. something I've never done but it was so nice it was worth the $5 bucks I gave him since I had no $1's.
Getting thru Security wasn't too bad since I wasn't carrying anything contraband in my carryon. I'd talked with G and he'd said no to take any lotions or even lipgloss but to check it. So I did. What he didn't tell me was that they had people taking off their clothes and shoes B4 going thru the detectors. So that was sort of funny! all the jackets, hats and shoes getting scanned along with laptops and carry on's. The guy in front of me had holes in his socks.
Then I stood in line forever at the gate. My plane left about 1/2 late but we had a funny flight attendant that did the speil really cute just to see if we were paying attention. I got the window seat so that was cool trying to figure out where we were.
Poor Little Em was completely asleep after Little Sis circled the airport for 45 minutes that she was really disoreinted when she woke up. She asked where was the Frog and if we were going to see the Elves and Baby Jesus. We finally figured out that she thought she'd come to SLC to see me, rather than the other way round like last time...when i took her out to Gardner Village and Temple Square at Christmas. LOL
We had nice dinner at Sizzler, where she totally embarrassed us all by announcing loudly that she'd farted to the waitress not once but 2 or 3 times. Oh to be 3 again!
Em and I had a slumber party in her room that night and H couldn't come. We sang songs & danced to Augustus Gloop song. We talked about Boys, Lipgloss and Clothes cuz that's what the big girls did at Hi's sleepover a few weeks ago. LOL
Boys: she knows 10er more than Heidi. Lip Gloss: that didn't last long she said she was too little to wear lipgloss, let's talk about movies instead. She likes the Grinch better than Charlie Brown. Clothes: she only likes cute clothes but when she's hot, she says she just doesn't wear any. Being 3 must be sooo much fun!!

There was more but I fell asleep first. Good thing she doesn't yet know about putting the first to fall asleep's bra in the freezer!!!

Friday Little Sis had no day care going so we left the kids to home and went to the ChatterBox Warehouse sale! Then out to Lunch with G at a Mexican buffet. When we got home. She spread out her Haul on her bed and it covered the entire King sized Bed!! I was too scareyed to spread out mine......I'd spent $37 more than she did! But then I ended up taking almost everything out of the packaging anyway so I could fit it into my 1/2 MT suitcases for the trip home. LOL
I learned so much during the Technique book day on Saturday that I'm in total awe of the talent that so many of my fellow SU! demonstrators have. I finally met Janae in person (she's my upline) and we worked our butts off to get each of the 30 pages finished. C and I figured we had about 6 minutes per when I teach it I'm going to do only 4 or 5 in a 2 hour class. We ended up finishing a bunch of stuff up at home tht night like setting eyelets and things.
Sunday we lazyed about and watched Fun with Dick and Jane, then went to the outlet mall where I got some fun stuff for me and great Bday Gifts for Little Brother perfect for him. Then I flew home Monday on the same flight as G and he brought me home. Three whole days out of the Bog and the Frog was still alive thanks to the Frog Sitters....also worth every penny!

Craig's List Version 2

So this is my new sofa. Note that the photo was NOT taken at my house.
I'm totally in love with Craig's List!!
I saw it on Monday at Little Sis's B4 I left to come home and fired off an email to see if it was even still available and after my plane landed and I got re-settled in and made sure the Frog was still alive.
There it was a reply saying yes it was, but they wanted to be clear that they were firm on the price. Okay by me it was about 10% of what it is currently selling for at the store. So for $225 and $40 for last weeks chairs and some Rit Dye I 've got a completely new living room.
The best part is that the end tables I got at the Margaritaville yard sale last summer for $20 have sort of the same pattern carved into them as the sofa fabric. So maybe I'll be re-staining them to match the deep cherry wood on the sofa.
Actually the only thing that really stands out is the white Pyramid shelf so guess where it's going? that's right Up on Craig's List!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Birthday My Big Little Brother

Since it's his 40th he has been threatening to have a midlife crisis starting today.
I, being the kind wonderful big sister that I am wrote an email to everyone I had emails addresses for in the family and gave them his contact info and asked them to wish him a Happy Day and a wonderful Crisis. LOL
So this morning at about 9:15 I got a call from him saw on the Caller ID that it was from his work and started singing. he laughed then I found out that his email at work was full of Bday wishes from everybody but those he works with and quite a few took the time to call him!
Woo Hoo!