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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go Ahead Make My Day!!

Is there anything better than someone giving you a compliment?
Yes there is!
When the person giving it is a total stranger to you.
When the person is the opposite sex.
When the person doesn't give off a perverted "Chester the Molester" vibe.
When you can tell they are sincere.
Best Feeling in the World!!

I was just running round doing some errands and popped in to get 2 things at the store. While I was in line this guy with 2 full carts lets me go ahead with my 2 things and says "I'm a sucker for gorgeous redheads. You have beautiful hair!"
I actually looked around to see if there were other carrot tops in the store. Nope I was the only one.
Totally made my day!!
Now I didn't really do anything to my hair today. I barely had enough makeup on to avoid scaring small dogs and little children. I was in a grey and coral striped tee and ratty jeans with flip flops and need a pedicure really badly. Nothing special at all. Just me being me

Today I'm glad I'm me!