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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I hate change!!
I think it's because too many things feel out of control when the change is unexpected. I really think that part of it is just frustration with having to spend so much time on hold to get minor little things taken care of. Whoever came up with the whole phone tree for businesses with the press 1 for payments or 2 to hear this in Spanish is at the top of my $#iT list this week.
Sometimes you just really want to pop someone upside the head and smack them around for awhile for being so very, very dense. So I just want to say it here.......If you and the board were going to completely disregard anything we did, then why did you ask us to vote? Why let us feel like we mattered when we didn't? Well just so you know, you have lost all my business. In the words of Monty Python " I fart in your general direction!"  Remember I have Crohn's and Celiac so those suckers are pretty powerful. If I were you I'd be trampling over everyone with no thought to the life or limb of anyone else while I run upwind very fast!
Then to top off my day Blane calls to tell me Parky is gone. I spent the next hour or so bawling my eyes out. I'm so glad I went down there Sunday I'd should have petted him a little more. He was always the first to come over for a rub or ear scratch when the Frog was alive. He'd be on one knee and Berg on the other and Steve would pet them til his hands got too tired. Poor old dog, he and I started diabetes shots at the same time. He had a knee surgery a few years ago and I snapped these photos.

Poor Puppy. He was old for a big dog. He will be missed. Rest In Peace Parky Dog.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I hate my Hands!!!

I took my nails off a few weeks ago after literally having them on for the better part of the last 6 years. I just can’t justify the expense anymore. I did learn enough to do my own for special occasions even though the right hand never really looks right.

Now I’m willing to bite the bullet somewhere else in the budget to work my long nails back in. I can’t spell worth crap while I’m typing. They get even a tiny bit of white showing and it rips and tears, usually in layers. It’s painful and absolutely butt ugly!

I’ve tried to keep them painted but even that is looking pretty hacked after a day or two. Nothing seems to stick very long and even a clear coat peels off.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Got Hit by A Car

A few days ago I was hit by a car. Right in the head. It left a pretty funky goose egg and had a lovely little coresponding bruise to go with it. Next time an angry toddler decides to have a tantrum I need to make sure no Hot Wheels are within throwing range.  I had a matched set of bumps on my head foe awhile.
My Budha Baby is growing up. he's walking all over and now tries to bolt and run when ever a door is opened. Maree said he almost made it 1/2 way here before she caught up with him the other day.
So are my nephews.
Both Gray and Emil had Birthdays in the last couple of weeks. Emil turned four and Gray turned 3. Jakob turned 1 the end of January and Seth did at the end of April.
I got to talk to Gray on his Bday he wanted a digger truck and was pretty excited to get it. He's really cute when he talks on the phone. He gets excited and talks so fast about every other word is all that I can understand. Those are mostly guesses too. But he is so funny!