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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


After being up and down and in pain most of the night. I gave up and got up for the day. I skipped about reading some of my favourite blogs and checking out what is currently on sale on Craig's List. Then I decided to update my blog.
So here I am the day before Thanksgiving thinking about the things that I'm grateful for and some of the things that I'm not.
I guess alot of people would put their health at #1. That is so NOT me!! But I AM grateful for good Doctor's who listen to me as I listen to understand my body and how it reacts more.
I'm very grateful for ALL my families.
That's plural on purpose....thanks Eric.....
I'm grateful to be close to the Family I was born into, the Family I married into, the ward/neighbourhood Family I live with and most especially the Family of Friends that I've surrounded myself with.
The relationships I have built with my friends is extremely precious to me. How I love them all! They keep me sane, get me out of the house, encourage me to grow, let me lean on them, make sure I'm safe and make me laugh almost daily. They are my Heroes! We all make time to get together and have fun! Time flies when you are having Fun!
I'm grateful for my home. For the shelter it provides from wind, rain, heat and snow. For the precious memories of the Frog that took place here. For how warm,
cosy, and safe I feel within it's walls.
I'm so thankful for my girlgules...the YW...they challenge me to be better than I am. They never cease to amaze me! They accomplish so much when they are working together. They jump at opportunities to grow in ways that never even crossed my mind when I was their age. They jump, achieve then look round for the next opportunity. The ideas they come up with to entertain themselves, to provide service for others and live the Gospel principles boggle my mind at times.
I'm grateful for Lucy Belle. There are days I wouldn't get out of bed if it weren't for her. She loves to make new friends and go for walks. She knows when I'm talking about her to someone else. She has some really funny tricks. She's helping me be healthier, 22lbs have been lost since she became my roommate. I have learned I really need to be needed and she is 7 lbs of pure unconditional love.
Gotta stop for a bit and get something done.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not So Hot Shots

My new medicines didn't work too well after 2 months of taking it. I think all it really did was make me very nauseated. Good news for my waist bad for my body. So after yet another Dr visit now I'm on insulin shots every day. So NOT fun! and after almost aweek my sugars are still not coming down. Can you say discouraged?
I'm full of holes and have little bruises from the needles so stepping out of the shower is always quite colourful lately. The only good news is that I'm no longer pretty colours round my ribs......those bruises are almost gone.....still painful though. But Hey at least I can comb my hair.
Last weekend I went to a Scrapaway retreat with my friends we had alot of fun and it was so nice. Our Hostess Marcie does such a wonderful job and we ate and ate till we were quite stuffed. We had a few food snafu's but for the most part there was a sub for everything I couldn't eat. I got an awful lot done and feel really good about what I accomplished. J was able to come too and one day we went together and took some flowers to Baby M's grave. she worked on a few family photos that had him in them but handled it so much better than I did at my 1st retreat after the Frog passed away. I remember just bawling my eyes out a couple of times.
This Farmhouse was even better than the cabin was so I hope we can continue to go. She even had arranged for a massues (sp?) to come. My massage felt so good!!! i swear if ever I get rich I'm going to have one every day. Lucy licking my toes just doesn't compare to a full on backrub. I even got my temples rubbed and got rid of the headache that was nudging to get out. Lucy stayed at Blane's and tormented Berg if the stories are to be believed......$80.00 to kennel the little furball.....I don't think so! Parky just ignored her. They are huge compared to her but Berg was afraid of her Blane said.
These are some photos of Lucy with her friends, Jezzie and her pal Sarah from next door. She is getting bigger and bigger and if my scales are right she is now about 8lbs. I swear if I didn't have her I wouldn't get out of bed some days.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Singing is Like Praying........Twice!

I just got back from a Stake Fireside where the group Jericho Road were the featured speakers. It was really wonderful. We've been having some really choice speakers and they have all been exceptional but tonite was the best so far. Lynette came and brought Travis and his friend in from Grantsville, Karen and Kathy each brought their kids too so it was quite a group. Plus bonus both Travis and Eugenia were in the same building at the same time!
The second song they preformed was Every Single Tear. This is by far my favourite song I played it over and over those first few months after the Frog died. Still makes me cry.