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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Anniversary Surprise!!

This was the invitation Caralee and her friend Gwenie Photoshopped and worked so hard on.
What a great weekend it was!! We kids had heard the cat was out of the bag but it really wasn't until  the Columbia Basin Herald ran an article about them in Wenesday's newspaper. Funny thing is Mom & Daddy  don't even take the paper! They had gone to the Dr's Thursday morning and someone there told them Happy Anniversary, then it happened again getting Lab work done so they asked how the person knew. Then they stopped by Dr Vernon's and asked Jac if she knew what was in the paper. She was like I don't know I don't take the paper. they found a copy and read all about themselves and that there was an Open House for them on Saturday! It was a terrific surprise!
All of us who were in town went over on Friday night surprised them and gave them their gifts. Shirts and a picture frame along with an list of the next days activitites. Beginning with Family Photos in the Park. We used the same photographer from Tracy and Eric's wedding an she did a great job despite the wind blowing that morning. She even suggested we all say a prayer for a bit of calm, so we did and the wind did die down enough for some good shots. Then she rememembered a fun tree down by the water and there was hardly any wind there at all. So most of the family groups were done there. Blane, Bruce Jay and I were our own "Family group".

Emil didn't want his picture taken and Gray was a little fussy too but since I managed to get these good shots I'm sure Julie's will be fabulous! Emil loved tossing stuff into the lake but Daddy Terry was close by to make sure he didn't fall in the water.

I love this shot of Tracy's family. I went over to Pullman and visited them on my way home. Gray is walking really well between Mommy and Daddy but he doesn't go off by himself yet. It is funny since Eric will be in the family room and Tracy in the kitchen and the kid is walking the whole length of the house.

After pictures we all went to Inca's for some great Mexican food. They were great! It helped alot that we had Cherise call them on Friday and warn them there were 22 of us, we'd be there about 1 o'clock and we needed 2 high chairs. After lunch it was time for Tracy, Gray, Emil, Tara, Daddy and Mom to head home for naps while the rest of us went and decorated the church and got the food prepared for the Open House. We had Chicken Salad on roll, a big tossed salad, fruit and veggie trays, cake and all the Auntie's and Klista brought different salads so there was alot of food. Bruce was responsible for the music along with Mom and Daddy's fresh flowers. The boutinerre and corsage matched the silk centerpieces I did perfectly.
Blane did a great video slideshow on his laptop and got Bruce's TV and it played all night. We had a little over a hundred people come to celebrate with us. It was a wonderful party and I'm so glad we did it.