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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Once in a New Moon

Friday night after scrapping with my peeps til midnight I stopped at Wally World on the way home to pick up  New Moon and the Princess and the Frog movies. I also got some milk but that’s not relevant to my story other than it’s good with Brownies at 1 am.

Anyway since I was still wide awake…partly due to to the Dr Pepper I had and even more to do with my screwy sleep cycles…… currently in the stay up all night circadian rhythm…I popped the movie in once I got home.

Now more than ever I’m on Team Charlie. Putting up with Whiny Bella and her “he won’t kill me, I just want to die” attitude really bugs me. Sitting moping in her room for months on end is pretty freaky to. Reminds me of my mom but that’s a whole other story and doesn’t belong here on the web. Let’s just say I still have issues and leave it at that.  and now back to my story.

Edward is good but he certainly doesn’t really “Dazzle “ me and I don’t like the bedhead look. Dude comb your hair!!  Jacob is sooo cute (especially with his long hair) but he’s still jailbait. The fact that both of them are young enough to be my kids sort of ads to the whole ICK factor.

So the more mature me is firmly planted on Team Charlie. I briefly considered Team Billy  (he reminds me of Fred my 7th grade boyfriend) he has the whole Native American thing going on. Cool!

Billy  “I’m down with the kids” 

But Charlie “Dude you’re the Bomb” is simple, uncomplicated, protective (Mace)what you see is what you get and well lets face it he’s more mobile than Billy. Another wheelchair? NOT!

My heart is safer with Charlie. The mustache will tickle and I’m up for a few laughs.