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Friday, March 23, 2007

An Ad for My CAR

I most likely should point out that my car is called a JAZZ in Europe and a few other countries, way cuter name. I love how Jim Daley who reads the Harry Potter books on DVD is the narrator on the voice over. I like this german ad too. It really shows off how much you can get inside. they really should have offered the yellow here in the states. How cute is that?

The Life and Times of a Bachelor Brother

I feel like I've accomplished nothing all week so I decided to see where I've spent my time.
Monday I cleaned my house.
So of course on Tuesday I died, and ended up in bed or on the bathroom floor almost all day. Wenesday was a bit better, I met Tasha at Big Little Brother's and showed her the deplorable mess he had going on. His fridge is still on the front porch. She is going to be soo good for him. She was on the phone telling him the his own was hysterical! It was also worth every penny! As she cleans she organizes so it was really, really nice. though the MT Diet Orange Sunkist soda cans in the linen closet he's been saving to build a rocket from almost suffered a nasty fate.
She wouldn't let me do anything so I decided to get the hell out her way and took all the laundry over to the wash and dry. It so needed it it, the washer and dryer are still in the garage too. LOL
Twelve loads, $50 and 3 hours later I was back and his house looked so good! She'll be back on an ongoing basis every few days and I'm thrilled with her teams work. She's even going to have her 10 year old come with her on Friday afternoons to give the boys--Parky and Berg--- baths and brush the little stinkers coats out for $5 per dog. Hopefully that will keep the whole Dog hair issue at bay.
He called and is happy too though he couldn't find his socks to get ready for work yesterday. I told him that's why your suppossed to put the clean laundry away! If he'd just opened the garbage sacks on the cedar chest he would have found them. BTW if You are reading this BLB your under-roos are in the other sack.
The guys called and my car's new tire came in from Denver. So I took the car in and it took all of about 10 minutes to solve my 3 day long problem. I guess if finding a hard to fit tire for the FIT is it's biggest issue I have i'll be in good shape. Stinks it wasn't under the warranty but then tires rarely are. At least I'm not on the weenie wheel any longer. To their credit the dealer paid all the shipping and about 1/3 the cost for the frustration I was having trying to find one that matched the others. BLB says I probably should have bought 2 so I'd have a full sized spare but it needs to be on the wheel so I'd need one of them too. $$$$$ I figure that now there are 5 places that know I need them they will be easier to get as my car becomes more and more popular. Which it will be! After all Nat already has her little Copper Cutie to match my Smurf-mobile at Crops. Patty is already convinced too!
Yesterday I died again and was in such pain I was in a Lortab induced haze for most of the day. LOL
Cami came by with the kiddos and I played for a bit with them. My little Ben Dee boy is still cheesing all over so she's going to have to try and see if he is allergic to other stuff too. He's so cute and so happy all the time. I've got him doing Twist and Shout really well and he's starting to cruise round the furniture. He's getting the hang of Peek A Boo and now holds up his arms for Waaayy Big! The older boys were exhausted from going to the Zoo all day and Serina just looked cute and shy so they watched something called Kim Possible.
Today I have another Dr's appointment on the shedule. Yuck!! Then I go se Dr Joe and see if we can't do something about my back. I'm not lifting the Frog any more so it shouldn't be this painful. Somedays I can barely walk, stand or sit still.
Little Sis is having some of the same problems her Dr wants her in PT for the next 3 weeks. If she takes that much time off she may loose some of her DC kids so I may head up there Saturday for a week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today I am a Hydrangea

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You are just a little bit of a show off and like to prove just what you can do. Every time someone double-dog-dared you, you proved that not only could you do it, but you could do it with style."

So much for being a Daffodil LOL

Of course I love Hydrangea's too. They look alot like Rhododenrumn's the Washington State flower so wish it was temperate enough for them to grow well here. When Allison went to Italy last year she got a beatiful picture of one. Hydrangea not Rhododenrumn. Big as a dinner plate.

One of my brides this summer is carrying 3 Hydrangeas and 15 Blue Bird roses. By their wedding date they will have been dating 3 years and 15 days. She will have each of her Bride's maids carry one Hydrangea bloom as their bouquet. Woo Hoo for me! they are so easy to make up!! Cake is going to be not so fun though. Sweet peas....I seem to have a real love/hate relationship with them. Love them. But hate using them in wedding work. The girls always want to mix them with something but they are so much prettier with just their ownselves.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am a Daffodil... Who Knew?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

My Friend Allison sent me this quiz. It says I'm a Daffodil. That's good because I adore daffodils!!
They are soo pretty I can't wait to see them every year. The Frog's uncle has a huge bunch planted along the fence so every time I go anywhere I tend to pass their home and see them. In the summer there are gorgeous Irises too. I wish I could grow as many lowers as they do. I did get a pretty good start and bought some magic carpet flowers pre-seeded for the front yard from QVC. We'll have to see how things go. They sure looked pretty on the show. LOL Knowing me though I'll most likely kill them in the morning....Did you catch that little nod to the Princess Bride?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Crazy Women

I met up with Connie yesterday and we went to the CTMH Sale Down at UVSC.
Found some pretty good buys. Stood in line for a long long time.
But I did NOT find any stamp sets. A very few people got some but we were there early....about 1/2 hr after they opened and all they had left was Kawanza and a Christmas one with pointsettas.
Good Deals, LONG Lines, Crazy Women.

Every time I go to something like this I say never again but I always go again.
I got to see Connie's new house. It's sooo beautiful and it's not even completely clean from the construction mess yet though the upstairs sparkles like a new penny. The cleaning crew was there while we were. the house is Huge! Her 3 kids will all have seperate rooms. Something little Austin (4) is really looking forward to, except get this he doesn't like his new blue room. He told me he didn't like the colour about 6 times.
I also said something the framers wanted to do was "stupid" that Connie had made the right choice to change it and he said I couldn't use bad words at their house. LOL
If only he knew...........
I'm getting quite the education from little kids lately.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Shamrocks

So fun! Here is a pic of my cutie pie new friends from last week. Little Sis sent it to me yesterday. Tha's Andrei on the end, Ella apparently can't smile without closing her eyes, Marko is an old hat at posing, Zoe not sure of why she has to stand still and Emelia the little ham on the right.
How cute are they?
They look all ready to eat Green Eggs and Ham on Saturday don't they?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sunshine and Wet Dogs

So here I am in Idaho. I just got in the Smurf-mobile and came up on Sunday. I was going to come up last week but BIL was sick so I stayed home.
I think I'm having a good time visiting. Since Little Sis does daycare I've gotten to play with babies the last couple of days. For some reason even the "stinky" babies smell better than the older kids after they've played outside. C says her kid smells because it's something to do with their being brunettes. I think that all the toddlers are guilty of wet dog smelling hair after they've been outside. She of course doen't HAVE dogs ( the whole family has allergies) but Em definitely has wet dog smelling hair after playing hard in the sunshine all day.

Speaking of Em, She keeps wanting to brush my hair. I guess today the thrill finally wore off. She'a a bit upset that I cut it again I guess. It's not long enough to go up into a pony and so she is frustrated. Plus if she combs mine, it's only fair I get to comb hers, right? not so good when you're 4 and tangled. LOL

She has lots of cute friends that come and play with her. One little girl Zoe has been here all week and is so cute. She doesn't say much yet but she's really cute and has clothes even Chloe is jealous of. Yesterday we got to play with Ella she's a darling little 2 yr old redhead with naturally curly hair, just falls about her in ringlets. She has huge blue eyes too. Marko and Andrei are here all week too because their folks are buying a new house close by. They both just let Emma bully them something awful. I guess she learned the whole " My House, My Rules" from me. Little Ryan actually stands up to her and Zoe just ignores her completely so it's funny to watch. Zoe is also a little Brunette with the cutest little monkey face.

She looks enough like Em they could be sisters. They have the same haircut and everything.

Logan's a bit of a pill but he is really fun to cuddle. I thought I'd won him over cuz I got him laughing a bit playing peek a boo but he must of forgotten he liked me after he had his nap. the best baby is Noah. He is just so very happy give him a little attention and he'll giggle and grin and have a really super good time. C has a little Johnny Jumper and he really loves to bounce in it and he jabbers away to his own little songs.