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Friday, February 22, 2008

Losing Weight

In my efforts to clean the office I've been going through every drawer and box. So far I've taken 8 bags of shredded papers to the recycle bin over by the church, filled both of my trash cans and I still have 4 more file drawers to go through. The office is looking better and better...the Family room not so much. LOL
New curtains got hung today and the walls got scrubbed. they need painting but I'm not going to do that. I've also relocated the counter, the computer and opened the boxes of the Silohuette and the scanner I still need a longer USB cable to run them but we're on the way. I felt a bit funny tossing all those Ensigns and old scrap magazines but I also kept telling myself they are all online now.Ain't technology wonderful???
I figure I've lost about 125 lbs just this week. At this rate I'll be super skinny and more organized than I've been since we built the house years ago.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleanliness is next to

Yes that's right. Nuthin
No tired old cliches for me. I can actually Walk Into the office without looking where I am going!!! Woo Hoo!! It's been a true Herculean task to get down and clean the thing. I'd rather scrub toilets. It's needed cleaning and sorting and mucking out since before the Frog died so of course it's truly awful. I actually took a couple of photos but they are truly nasty so I'm not going to post them. I had the help of some of my Beehives and their little Sister. The four of us worked on it for about 3 1/2 hours then we went to dinner at Chili's to celebrate. Today I've just had to finish dusting and vacumn.
I can see the desk. I can see the counter. There is hope that sometime this afternoon the scanner I bought last year while come out of the box and get hooked up.
I'm doing a Happy Dance in the middle of the floor...cuz I can actually SEE the floor. We found $2.83, my pink Sunday sandals, a bunch of wedding announcements and flower photos that need scrapped,and oooddles and grundles of stuff to donate to the MS Society. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Being Busy

It's been 3 months since I was called to the YW presidency in our ward and I think I finally "get it". The other night the kids got togethere and we planned our roadshow for March. It will be interesting to see how the kids do since they are to come up with their own costumes. Most of them are some sort of Jungle animal. this could be pretty fun.

A couple of weeks ago we met and all the girls did magnet boards. they were each as different as the YW are. the girls who always looked pulled together took their time and did a beautiful job. The girls that speed thru life looking for the next thing also sped thru their projects and ended up with a few wrinkles. they were all pretty happy with their results.

Dani got the sheet metal from the Wood Connection and we cut them down and drilled the holes. I purged the sCraproom of stuff I'll most likely never end up using. We ended up with alot for them to choose from. A bit of ribbon and some stickers here and there and they were done. Here is mine.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Who cares?
Now the Puppy Bowl tha's so much better! I called BLB to tell him to let the dogs watch and he cracked up when a play was called due to "unneccessary roughness". They literally had a Dog Pile. LOL Of corse the play is also stopped for puppy poop on the feild and puppy piddle too. Then out comes the Resolve and the ref does a spot treatment.
Enjoy the only bowl game worth watching......

Friday, February 01, 2008

Listen to a Prophets Prayer

Last Sunday night after a fun dinner and games at Mom's I came home and flipped on the TV ready to watch a Hallmark movie. A few minutes into the broadcast it was interupted by the very sad new that our beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley had passed away about an hour earlier. I'm sure he was met by many countless loved ones on the other side. I will be one of those who will dearly miss his gentle sense of humour and wise and loving counsel.

There have been many beautiful tributes on the TV, internet and in the papers all week. The funeral will be on Saturday in the Conference Center and there are plans to line the route to the cemetery with people waving white handkerchiefs and canes just as he did so many times.
A really wonderful young lady wrote a beautiful song called A Prophet's Prayer that she is sharing with the world here is the link.