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Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is the story of why you should not ever walk your dog after dark.

Which by the way I really like to do. After dark and dinner is over all the big mean dogs go inside for the night. That makes it way lots quieter on the walk. Little kids are inside too, brushing their teeth and whining that their friends get to stay up til 10pm why can't I? This makes Lucy calmer and a bit more focused on the purpose of the walk.

So there we were walking along minding our business when someone came out from a house and got into their car. Lucy took this as a signal to go nuts trying to get to the person to say Hi!. I got tangled in the leash and tripped.

I tripped HARD!! In my fall I managed to land with my chest right on top of the big Maglite flashlight I'd been carrying. It was excruciating! I literally had the breath knocked out of me.

There I lay dying and in pain and there was Miss Lucy Belle behind the car as they were backing out because I'd dropped the leash. I staggered to my feet and was able to stop her from getting hit. It took a few tries to get hold of the leash. then it was back over to the place I fell to get the flashlight. It of course survived whole and in one piece. The cell phone looked okay but hasn't worked since.

Some major bruises and at least 2 cracked ribs. Days of pain.....thank goodness for Lortab, ice packs and heating pads. I go walking in the morning now. If you go early enough no other dogs are out and you don't need a flashlight.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dust Bunnies= Big Bucks

Lucy Belle is almost full grown now at a little over 5 lbs. She totally gets the words "walk" and "outside" and jumps around like a whacked out crazy spastic little puppy. The other day I guess she really felt the need to go out because she brought her harness and leash to me, then she put on her "I'm so way cute you can't deny me anything" face. Of course she is doing the cuteness campaign to make up for what happened about 10 days ago.
She morphed into a Killer Dust Bunny!!
There i was sleeping peacefully when I was rudely awakened at about 5:30 by a barrage of yippy squealing help me barks and whimpers. I being the total morning person that I am NOT yelled at her to go back to sleep as it was still night time and dark outside. The response was deafening! I could hear freaky weird tinny type scratching noises. So I dragged my big fat sorry ass out of bed to try and figure out what was wrong. She wasn't anywhere to be found in the bedroom so I went into the hallway. I truly thought from the ruckus that brought on that she had somehow poisoned herself and I was listening to her bark "I'm Dying! I'm Dying! Help! Help!". That's when it hit me.........earlier the day before dummy me had taken off the register cover to the vent in the bathroom and hadn't bothered to replace it. Lucy Belle had crawled into the hole to the vent and then unable to turn round had kept on crawling. She made it to big the main trunk vent underneath the hallway, where she apparently had a bit of fun but couldn't quite remember her way back from the Dark Side to get out.
An hour later I was ready to call my Home Teachers. It was unfair for them to be home sleeping when I needed them to rip the drywall away from the big vent. But I let them sleep a bit longer. At 8:35am I finally got her coaxed to where the little vent joined up to a point where I could reach her.
Note to self: Lucy Belle likes yucky peanut butter even better than teriyaki beef jerky.
She was totally covered in dust, dirt and other weird things. She looked like she'd bathed in talcum powder.....Like I said earlier Killer Dust Bunny!! Then the little $hit had the nerve to keep on squealing like I was killing her when I gave her a bath.
So last week for the first time in 14 years the vents got cleaned.... It is supposed to be done every couple of years.....who knew? After I got the bill Miss Lucy got no treats for 3 days.
Now every time the furnace kicks on with the main bathroom door open she barks like crazy.
Do you think it's because I told her the big scarey monster under the stairs wants to eat her up?