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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Text Messages

I've decided that I really don't like text messages.
It's not because my fingernails are too long to type fast.
It's not because it costs a bit more.
It's not because you are sitting/standing there texting to some one else and not paying attention to the road, class, where you are walking, me teaching a lesson.
It's because I already can't spell worth a damn after learning to do the Discvr Crd shrthnd in acct scrn whr I t/w cm & adjst lf 4 10/07 & ovrlmt 4 11/07 Advsd cm webst 24/7
Most stuff it's pretty easy to decipher but other text messages I'm completely in the dark about and I'd better catch up or I won't be at all prepared when we develope and evolve even more and just communicate telepathically.
In my case even then I'll most likely keep talking awhile longer because I'm afraid I'd be doing it tele-pathetically

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sister

Today is Middle Sis's Bday. Her life is now officially 1/2 over since she's turning 45. Just think it was only yesterday she appeared in in public wearing a red cowgirl outfit with white fringe. Or even better the patchwork quilt skirt she wore to the ward Christmas party.
Now she has 4 teenage girls letting her know she is over the hill and getting older every minute.
She is smart, funny, incredibly organized, always on the go, talented, and fun to be around and I'm really glad she is my sister.
Happy Birthday Jacque!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stoplight Stalker

I am a Stoplight Stalker!!
Running about the other day I saw a window decal for Scentsy candles on the car in front of me at the light. I'd gotten a warmer and some scents from my friend but the warmer thingy broke and I still had a ton of scents. So since her # was on the decal and I now have a cell I called the gal then and there. Said I'm following you and do you have a current flyer. We pulled off Bangerter at the next exit and I got a catalogue and she got an order. LOL
I'm so weird... but my new friend Beth likes me! and soon the house won't smell like house-a-toe-sis or burned bread. I didn't really burn the bread but the raisins in it got a bit dark if they were close to the crust on the first loaf.

Thru the First

I'm finally past "the first" of everything without the Frog. I did pretty good until New Year's Eve when Daddy called then I had a little pity party going on. Didn't help that I didn't feel good but things got better. I even went out and got Chips Dip and soda to go along with my midnight movie on the DVD.
New Year's Day I went online looking and found a Bread Machine that I wanted. Then I found out that if I hurried I get it on sale so off I went to Utah county and Riverwoods Williams Sonoma. Score!! Cusinart Convection BreadMaker with settings for Gluten Free!! Thanks to my other Mother I got it and a new rug for the family room to match the one in the dining room. Merry Christmas from Lila! Then I went to Archiver's and spent my birthday GC from Caralee. Found out she loves me $20 more than I loved her on her birthday LOL. It all evens out in the end though. Then it was a quick stop at BLB Blane's before heading home to be sick the entire rest of the week. UGH!!