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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Craig's List

I'm having a love affair with Craig's Seriously I'm totally addicted to checking it out almost everyday. It's so bad I find stuff in Idaho for Little Sis to buy. I've even hooked Hi and now she's making money right and left getting rid of her "baby books" by selling them there.

Last week I totally scored with my twin cabinets with glass doors, old fashioned pulls and the skeleton key locks. Love them!

So today I spotted 2 of the cute chairs that I saw yesterday when there were 3. So I bought them! $20 each and they came with blue denim slipcovers.........Thanks Laurie! the ohter gal yesterday din't want the slipcover so she gave me the extra one too. I can use it as a pattern for new ones or since they are denim and thus Cotton I'm off to test out a Rit Dye job on the extra one to see if I can get a sage or deeper green.

In the meantime they fit perfectly in the living room.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Catching Up

On Saturday I became Great Auntie Vic to little Carter ?? Behunin. He was born very early in the morning about 3:15 am. K & R are now Grandparents! Freaky Weird since they were married about 4 years after the Frog and I. He has dark hair and weighed in at 8lbs 3 oz and 20 3/4" long. We just had a shower for H a couple of weeks ago so she's all prepared even though he came a tiny bit early.

I'm getting very excited. I get to leave for a few days and go to Boise. We've been bribing Em to get herself potty trained by telling her she can have a slumber party with me in her room. I don't know if it's really working or not though. She told me she was really good except she took a nap and woke up wet cuz her "algebras" were acting up. she of course meant her allergies but I think she's been kicked out of big sis's room one too many times so H could finish her homework.LOL she's such a KOOK but I love her and the other girls to death.........if only they'd write...are you reading this Girls?

She got her haircut the other day so I have to remember to take her a red hair ribbon so she'll look just like Matilda.

Monday, August 14, 2006

the Cowboy Way

I was reminded today by reading the blog of a scrappin' friend of mine of an old friend. So I did nothing much today but layabout and read. I finished the LDS novel I was reading which was book 4 of the Fairhaven Chronicles: a Thorny Path by Sharron Downing Jarvis early this morning before the Frog woke up.
Then after reading J's blog I polished off a couple of Louis L'Amour novels. I've read them so many times it only takes about 3 hours to get through them. So they are great for the Dr's office. My favourites are well thumbed paperbacks. Some I've managed to pick up in HB leather.
It's been kind of fun to remember the summer I beat Daddy in reading every one pf the 74 the Connell library had, then starting in on Zane Grey and reading all of those that were available too.
Of course that's also the same summer I fell asleep reading in the treehouse and rolled over and off...... right into the bramblebush not once, but twice! LOL

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Time Flies

when you're having fun.......and even when you're not!
But I'm fine.


I'm fine

Just perfectly



Monday, August 07, 2006

New Diet...

What is it about getting your hair or nails done by a guy that makes you feel more pampered than when its a girl?
That's my question for the day.
I love having that hour or so every few months when I get shampooed, cut and shaped. I love it even more when the hairdresser or nail artist is male.
I've decided it's because it's something I do for me...myself.....and I. Plus it must have something to do with me taking care of the man in my life so I feel more spoiled when it's a guy taking care of me. I wonder what Freud would say about that?
Whatever, after a hair or nail appointment I'm all cute and purty and feel soooo pampered. Especially with a Pedicure on a massage chair thrown in there for good measure. I'm in absolute heaven!
So I spent a bit and got the works the other day. Brows, Chin, Mani & Pedi
Of course I make sure the painful part of my salon visit is always first. The waxing. Can you say Ouch!? I HATE the Pre-menopause symptoms I'm having to deal with, extra eyebrows and sometimes even a full beard seem to be going on. Thank goodness for blonde brows and facial hair but not when it's 1/2 an inch long!
I think I've got a new diet plan in the works...........It can't cost much more than Jenny Craig.........I'd take a foot rub over food any day! Something to look into...everytime you feel the urge to snack go get a pedicure. Sounds a bit promising Wonder how I'll market it?