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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Hallow's Eve

Happy Birthday Ronnell!!

It's not even 1:30pm and we've already had 2 tricky treaters today how weird is that?
I personally plan to ruin some fun tonite. Last year I had kids coming that were way taller than me so I'm putting a sign on the door for anyone taller than this line to get together and have their own party since they are too old to be out hogging all the candy from the little bitty kids. Of course first I have to go buy some candy.

The last couple of years I've handed out nasty candy. This year I'm going to go for the good stuff. Chocolate!!!

Happy Halloween everybodies!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Back

Here we are at standard time again. Funny but I certainly don't feel like I got an extra hour of sleep last night. the Frog on the other hand has slept all day long and is still asleep now. I have to make this a quick post since Desperate Houswives is just starting.
It's such a goofy show. So glad people don't act that way in real life... we tend to have enough dumb issues without adding to the mix. Of course the neighbourhood here probalby has enough oddball things to maka a pretty good TV drama but I don't think we could last 5 episodes let alone season after season. We'd get cancelled for sure.
Yesterday was Teri's and I's Open House & Boutique. I did okay and had a few sales. Almost ran out of flyers. Only 1 person of the 70 emails I sent and 40 flyers I mailed came. I guess that's par for the course for me. LOL
Teri had quite a few friends turn up and I think everyone got something from her...even me.LOL She worked so hard on it and made so much yummy food. She even sent us home with some and the Frog gobbled it all up for his dinner. LOL Janette was thrilled to get the drink dispenser that HI is out of now for all her help.
Note to Self...get the recipe for the Chicken Curry Dip.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm Late I'm Late!!

Life seems to have been a series of rushing round and going crazy with long pauses between that never seem to last long enough to actually accomplish anything.
I've finally gotten do tired of being itchy & scratchy both. Since I'm out of ointment I broke down, called and got a refferral to the dermatoligst. The creepy mange remains and keeps growing my entire left leg and most of my right and new leisons are appearing on my right arm and my back which is totally the absolute worst.
Cami & Sarah came and played with me tonite in the S-crap room. turned up the fire and got a few things done for Saturday's Open House. Janette brought over her bouncy Santa so that will be really cute.
It's snowing outside now.
I'm so not ready for it to be cold yet. Fall barely even showed up it seems.
Yet here I am listening to the cars barreling down the hill and spinning out of control as they hit the tracks too fast on the slick roads. The Frog has his treatment tommorrow but, IF it's really nasty I may put it off til next week. I totally messed my knee up yesterday but good. It barely holds me I hope I'll be oaky transferring him.
Phone just nice to answer while online Cami & Ben made it home safe and sound. I love having her so much closer and being a part of SIU. She enjoys it soo much and is really growing much more confident in her SB designs since she's participating by jumping in with both feet into swaps and challenges.

Friday, October 20, 2006


So I got another great deal on Craig's List today. This time is was 10 softy black cushiony stackable chairs for the S-crap room. I even got a couple of bar stools for the one end of the room. I decided after I moved the table and the leg fell off ....again. I'm just going to put the table top up on a few cabinets and work at it at counter height. It will also be alot better for doing the flowers since I can't seem to do a bridal bouquet if I'm not standing..... so yeah for me it's another business expense. Thanks alot Eric in Silver Summitt!! so Nice to meet you and Harley the dog.

Goody for me I had the most marvelous drive up the canyon. It was so beautiful it took my breath away. I just missed most of the leaves turning but it was still gorgeous! Unfortunately No camera!! What kind of a Scrapbooker are I? so I got these shots from weather how cool are they?

Off to unload my haul. Then get ready for tommorrow's crop.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm in Trouble

So there I am reading Stacy's blog about fun stuff and I see this
since I am
1 a total sucker for cubbies of any kind and
2 hopelessly devoted to the incredibly lovely and girlyness of Pink
plus the cubbie is only $30.00 and the Zipper binders are $24 besides which How COOL are the little suitcases? and you get 3 for $10.00 Oh so Fun!!
Then I see this
with it's accompanying array of fonts ( love the swirly & curly) and shapes.......get a load of the hard to find, perfect little library pocket and the funky flowers. But since I have my very pink Zippymate and have finally figured out how to get it to work for me most every time. I will not get the Revolution. I will not, will not get it.

But I'm still Toast.

On the other hand my room is really shaping up. I'm the envy of the neighbourhood. My RS pres came today with her little ones to invite me to RS board meeting and to a CTMH workshop she and Carrie are givng. I showed her my best CTMH toy........ their flip around stapler. The kids were excited. Especially when I offered them candy leftover from the crop on Friday. I got so much done then. C and Ben stayed over and when played til 5am. I think H left about 4:15, S and her friend Kim lasted til almost 2am. Lots of fun was had by all!
Chloe's costume that I got her didn't fit though So I quickly made her a different one. She likes it. It has Frogs and Wizards on it!
We had a baby shower for our niece K yesterday. I made her open my gift first since I'd left the Frog in bed asleep at home. She loved it. Then I gave H a matching page for little Carter's book. So fun!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Squishy Squeezes

First go here and watch it all the way thru

Now let me confess... I am a Hugger. If I lived in Europe I'd so be into the kiss, kiss on both cheeks...people tend to frown greatly on that here in Utah. Unless of course they are related to you in some way. I come from a long line of hugggers.

One of the reasons I married the Frog is because he was a great hugger. Not one of these wimpy @$$ arms barely around you either, but stuck from the knee up Bear Hugs! He was great at it!! It hurts my heart that he can't hug me any longer.

Luckily I have other sources for my quota of Hugs. My little brothers are great at Hugs. Big Little Brother always gives Hello and Goodbye Hugs. Full on Great Big Squishy Squeezes!

Middle Little Brother gives great phone.........Hugs, he makes huggy noises and asks if he's hurting me......If I was lots skinnier we'd most likely do the run hard jump and swing round hugs when we get together in real life. He's very good at hugs. Baby Brother gives "crack my back" hugs he is so tall he lifts me off my feet. Of course I think it's the weight of my fat @$$ that makes my back crack.

I adore little kid hugs, especially E's. They tend to always come with sloppy wet kisses. So do puppy hugs.... only they lick your face and don't smell as nice.

I have friends that do good hugs, cousins that are good huggers and a neighbour who gave fabulous hugs......if we weren't already married to great people, I wasn't always so fluffy and he wasn't always holding a beer........ hummmmm who knows?

So since today I really need a hug, I'm going to make sure to give a few myself. Maybe I'll get a bone crunching Squishy Squeeze back.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Night Owl...sooo Busted!!

Last night's email to the MB at 2 am.
Okay so now I'm really going to bed. I've watched 2 Law & Orders and a movie that was more than a little strange, mounted 3 sets of stamps, organized my Qkutz and taken out the garbage. I even made 3 cards
I was such an IDIOT for staying up all night!!! I got so busted!! should have never checked in on the puter ended up playing Jeoprady for about 2 more hours.
I figured I was already up I'll just go to the pool for a swim and relax since the pool opens at 5 am. Completely forgot about the Frog's 8:00am appointment for PT.
I got home all relaxed, finally ready for bed and the phone rings "Where are you? I knocked and knocked now I'm at Mickey Dee's " Have to unlock the door and let Frank in after his stop ......good news is he brought breakfast for the Frog with him.
So I went downstairs to bed but then his shower aide shows another "Newbie" and just as I'm drifting off I get the whole where's this that and the other.
I think I've managed about 1/2 hour sleep in the last 36 hours. I'm putting dinner in and when it starts to burn I figure the smoke alarm will wake me up so I can feed the Frog still watch Heroes

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Meet Me Experiment

When was the last time you shaved your legs? Wenesday
What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.?Just waking up...
What were you doing 15 minutes ago? reading my email
Are you any good at math? Not really but after 5 years at Discover Card I can explain interest rates like a pro
What did you wear to your prom? My one and only "store bought" fancy dance dress...... a Peachy Pink empire style dress with short sleeves
Do you have any famous ancestors? Only a couple that I know of that other people would know too
Have you ever taken out a loan to pay for school? No

Last thing received in the mail? Country Living magazine
How many different beverages have you drunk today?Water & V-8
Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machine?Yes
What's the most painful dental procedure you've had? Oh goodness, there have been too many to count......probably wisdom teeth, I had all 4 pulled at once :(
What is out your back door? yard and then Highway
Any plans for Friday night?A whole bunch of nothing!
Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different kinds of popcorn for Christmas? Yes
Do you re-use towels after you shower? I don't understand the question
What is your favorite flavor of JELLO? I don't really like food that moves on me, Strawberry I guess.
Are any of your great-grandparents still alive?Nope
Where do you keep your change? In the ashtray
When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people? At a class a few months ago there was about 40 people there
What kind of winter coat do you have? Navy Blue Parka & a Black wool Dress coat
What was the weather like on your graduation day? Very Hot from what I can recollect
Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed? closed

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blue Monday

Woke up and got Middle Little Brother off on his trip home. Good thing he's not a big breakfast eater since I so don't have anything in the fridge and the cupboard is close to bare.
Went and got Bday flowers for nephew B to give his fiancee arranged and delivered them. they are getting married in June. Then came home and died for a bit. thought about finishing up some laundry, but didn't.
Then Little Brother come by about 5 last night after his plane landed to give me all the good gossip from up home about the Aunt, Uncles, Cousins and such. Got alot of good stuff, some a bit sad and a couple just plain funny stories. Then he says as soon as Middle Little Brother gets home with their car, Mom and Daddy are coming down here.
So here I am bawling like a baby and whining like a 2 yr old because I don't want my Mommy & Daddy to come. His visit was supposed to Prevent that!!
So I call Little Sis who is just home from her trip and is a s sick as a dog too along with her entire family with the flu. She was planning on going up first of next month. She calls them and finds out they were planning on leaving today!!! With of course a stop at her house as a Surprise.........when does just dropping in on family without a heads up become the norm? Is it after a certain age? Does it happen because your own house smells so much like "old people" you can't stand it and need to smelly up somone else's? Is it a genetic thing that you can inheirit?
What really makes it bad is that Daddy cancelled an appoinment with a kidney specialist that they've been waitng like 2 months to see to come. Who does that? The Frog's Dad died of kidney failure after having a transplant for 10 years, but he'd been on dialysis for a couple years B4 that. Daddy has said he doesn't want Dialysis and he's too old to even be considered for a transplant. Little Sis says maybe he's coming so we all see him, sort of a get your affairs inorder deal.
Either way I'm baffled as why someone would come 800+ miles without checking to see if they're welcome..............I don't have much of a life but I do have one.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Got a phone call about 10 am yesterday.... What time can I pick up my corsage?
Did a fast save and said i'm working on someone else's just now. Can you say Whoops?
Took the world's fastest shower and headed out only to realize it was already too late . The wholesaler I use closes early on Saturdays. Thank goodness for Wally World's flower buckets. Thank goodness High Schoolers going to Homecoming dances aren't terribly picky the way Brides are.
I thought Homecoming was next weekend and all the orders were written on next Saturday. So Chloe and I missed going to PJ's to crop, but I made some $$.
And since the Frog wasn't doing well he slept most of the day, so it's good I was home.