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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your Hands

one of my new favourite artists is JJ Heller. She’s a Christian singer/songwriter and I really like her messages. I literally found her through the website Stumble upon. Love love love this song and video.

Hope you like it too!

Wedding Dress Woes

So I was doing a consult with the bride and her mom and MOG this was the first time we’d met. I did my standard intro… this is Your Day and  what do you envision? MOB butts in, again and again and again! No Mom not your day but Darling Daughter’s then I asked the way wrong question……………. about the dress…………..should have known better.

Bride starts bawling!!

Lots of Drama!! For the ceremony she is wearing Mom’s dress and for the reception/dancing she is wearing MOG’s dress. WTH? Poor thing doesn’t get any choice.  She really wants to wear MOG’s but not her mom’s.  MOB is not having any of that!  Mom’s dress has been through 3 weddings already and is FUGLY!  Way weird! go get your own dress!

No can’t do that can’t afford $2500.00 gown!! Except for 2 weddings and the weird ones on TV I honestly can’t remember any bride  spending near that much. Hell mine was only just over $75.00!

Granny B and Aunt Carla made my dress. It was the perfect dress for me. Empire waist with lace bodice, sleeves and  lace  train with more lace around the hem.  I still remember how horrified Mom was when I cut up the detachable train and used the lace as a table cloth and dresser scarf.  I see that every time I walk in my bedroom. I also used the lace as snowflakes on our Christmas tree. I “busted out” after a few years and couldn’t wear the dress to the temple any more so it’s in the cedar chest with the veil.

I totally plan to mention to the Bride to have  a Rock the Dress or Trash the Dress type photo shoot.  If she does it as part of her Bridal’s she won’t have to worry about which dress to wear the Big Day!

I’m sooo brilliant!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

South Pacific

The musical just got over. I missed the beginning, too busy watching Nate Berkus’s show I guess. Anyway I just love it! Mitzi Gaynor, Rossano Brazzi, John Kerr just the best cast ever! Totally better by far than the remake with Glenn Close, though I liked Harry Connick, Jr alot more as Lt. Cable.

Every time I see it I’m back in High School again. Back in the day when we used record players I had an LP with the Original Broadway cast that I found in Granny B’s basement. I played it over and over.  For some reason the record was a clear yellow colour. Funny what you remember.

During our Swing Choir trip to Stevenson my Junior year it was on TV the night we got totally busted. We were a bit too loud singing along. LOL (Whole ‘nother story)

When I was a Senior at Kearns this was the musical that we did. It was the only thing I really got involved in that year. I tried out mostly because I knew every song.  My audition piece was Bali Hai and when I was called back I did I’m in Love With Wonderful Guy. It was pretty obvious I didn’t look Tonganeese so I didn’t get to play Bloody Mary but I was the understudy for the Nellie Forbush role, Lisa Bell was the lead and she didn’t get sick so I was a nurse in the chorus. I did get to get her wet onstage in the shower scene “Wash that Man”. It was a lot of fun and I still know every song.  Too bad I’m nobody’s 101lb Honey Bun now.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Little Pig Chinny Chin Chin or Hag Hairs

So lately I’ve been finding more and more freaky hairs growing wild practically overnight.  Found one today on my neck that had to have been growing awhile…. that sucker was almost 5 inches long!

I don’t know how I missed it.

Mainly they are on my chin but every once in awhile the suckers show up on my neck, chest or arms. They are probably on my back too but if they are Lucy is too polite to say anything about it.

It’s becoming a real problem especially since I started taking Thyroid meds last spring. No longer is it a once a week thing-now it’s more like daily maintenance to avoid getting the dreaded Fur Face. I’m sure within a week of slacking off I could join the circus as the Bearded Lady.

Waxing hurts like crazy because there are so many. Facial Nair burns my skin and leaves it red. Plucking is terribly painful too. So I’ve been shaving them. Now I’m getting 5 o’clock shadow!!

I’ve always had a problem with the two moles on my face but this is getting really bad. I called to find out how much laser would cost….Ouch!!! I could buy 6 electric razors for one laser treatment.

Now I’m starting to notice longer arm hairs and I can’t help but wonder if I will need to start tracking when the next Full Moon is.  Maybe I belong on Team Jacob??

2797498195_5f97b4f3fc_zInquiring minds want to know.