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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Do

I have a new hairdo! I got the notion to cut my hair when I realized I’ve been wearing my hair practically the same way off and on since High School. So I called up Heather and set up an appointment. Today I went over and she cut about 4” off then layered it a bit. No more super curly just a nice smooth Now style. I may have to actually have to invest in and use a flatiron.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

30 Years Ago

The Frog and I knelt across the altar and promised to love each other for eternity. It was a bit overcast and very cold but otherwise the weather was okay. Today it’s bright clear and sunny but still cold. I did a bit of welling up but have managed to keep it together today. I even taught Sunday School without completely falling apart. I know it will get harder as the week goes on but so far so good.
Three years seems like yesterday and forever. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart I love you to infinity and beyond…..

Happy Hoho!!!

I’ve decided that I’m almost officially an old fart. Yes you read that right….


Because Big Little Brother and I didn’t even start opening our gifts til 4:30pm on Christmas day. I think that qualifies us for old farts in training. If either of us would have had to put in our teeth before eating Christmas dinner it would of allowed us to skip a few steps toward our ultimate goal. I don’t think Blane’s braces count.

We enjoyed a great day Andy and Sarah’s visiting with all our cousins and their kids. I’m getting so old Miriah is almost old enough to Date!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey

Last Saturday night the ValleyVeiw Cemetary had their annual Christmas Luminary Lights. It was really beautiful to see the lighted bags all over. It's so much work to do I should really write and tell the staff there how much I appreciate their efforts. There were alot of cars driving thru when I was there so I didn't stop this year. Teresa said that there weren't as many when she came by a little bit later
I can't believe it's been 3 years since the Frog passed away.  He would have been 52 today.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ghosts of Christmases Past

So it's really quiet tonite I have nothing pressing to do other than wrap a few packages and I'm thinking about Christmas Past.
1980 Our official first Christmas Steve gave me the lovebirds but one broke. There was a flat tire in the van. Jacque was a Senior in HS the Frog and I had been married 1 year. Her Santa present was stored at our apartment so she couldn't snoop it out. There we were at 4am bumping down 6 flights of stairs with a Lane Cedar Chest waking up quite a few of our neighbours so she could have it first thing Christmas morning. Then there was no way to sneak it in thru the front door so we took it in the back and left it in the family room with a big bow. She was feeling a bit short changed til she went in there just before breakfast and found all her gifts inside the chest!!

2006 The Frog's family came over on Christmas Eve to sing Steve a Happy Birthday. The entire family crowded into our bedroom, bath and closet. Justin was at the MTC so Flat Justin was in all the photos. Humberto's fabulous Chocolate Cherry Birthday Cake with 49 Marachino cherries fed everyone well. Terry and Tara were there too and spent the night. Cami had a bit too much family and brought baby Benjamin over on Christmas Day and I got a great photo with the Frog and Ben. We also posed him in the sleigh.

197? Daddy in the hospital, Grandma and Grandpa Byington staying with us and the Great Christmas Eve Sneak foiled by Uncle Denny sleeping on the living room couch. Scared the crap out of us.

1987 The family came to Utah. Blane was on leave from Basic and Tracy Dawn  (8) was sure Santa wasn't coming if he slept on the couch so he sacked out in the hallway and she stepped on his head during her Christmas Sneak. Steve and I woke up to Daddy yelling at everyone to get back in bed! Bruce got a skateboard and was in heaven til he tried it out and biffed it and ruined his brand new jeans. Brian had my name that year and gave me my Christmas on Temple Square picture with the Christus Statue reflected in the glass. So very special  because the Christus room was where Steve proposed and we were married at Christmastime. Brian won the blue ribbon at the State Fair for the photo and the Church even offered to buy it, but he gave it to me. It hangs by the front door.

1978 Seventeen years old the Worst Best Christmas ever.  I got a door. That's it ....... a door. Knobs, hinges and screws were wrapped and under the tree providing me with hours of shaking opportunities to guess but of course I never did. Who in their right mind would guess lumpy heavy packages contained hardware? A door to my bedroom. Needs disguised as gifts........huge disappointment to a teenager......Priceless priceless memory to the adult she became.
I realize now that my folks spent a huge amount of the Gift budget that year to get me that door so I had more privacy than a curtain provided from sharing the basement with 3 little boys. And I thought they didn't understand me!! Still it was sort of fun going back to school and telling people "I got a door" I even perfected my delivery to sound like Charlie Brown in the Great Pumpkin when he keeps getting a rock while out Tricks or Treating.

1977 Kevin Hartelius and I came home from Christmas Eve with his family and caught Santa in the act. After helping fill stockings and making a trip with Daddy to the school for the stash. He helped bring in a Basketball Backboard, Net and Hoop and then uttered the fateful question...."Where is the Ball?"  They'd forgotten to buy one!!!!! LOLOL
Jacque got and IOU from Santa in her stocking and the promise of a ball by her birthday on January 19th.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Guys

One minute he is a big boy and the next he is too little for Primary. One minute he is spelling his name E M L I L and the next he's singing BINGO!!
He doesn't have an airplane yet but is sure he will for Christmas. He met Smokey the Bear. He went hiking in the forest with Travis and Amy and Daddy chopped down a Great BIG Christmas Tree that broke and went crash. Then it had to be re-cut once it got home. It doesn't have shiny balls or decorations on it. It has Oar-No-Mints and a pretty angel. It is tall tall tall. This big during which he dropped the phone trying to show me just how big.
Neighbourhood Grandma brought scraps of gingerbread over after cutting out her walls and roofs so his mouth was full of yummy stuff

Momma went to visit Obama. Daddy is home taking care of him and working from home at night when he sleeps while Mom visits Aunt Jenny who works at the White House. Yes that White House. If you can't tell by now I had a nice long phone chat today with Emil. Who will be a Big Bruthr in about 6-8 weeks.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight Moves

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo.

My cousin found this and posted it on Facebook. Which is apparently where I spend a ton of free time lately. So no posts. Been really busy this last couple of weeks.