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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I am Thankful for

So many things. Some of my friends made it a point to find something everyday this month to be grateful for and posted it on their FB page. I could of done that too but you know me the non-conformist. So since lots that I’m grateful for happened just this week here’s my list.

In no particular order.

My family…. for checking up on me and making sure I have a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner. I ended up at Craig and Liz’s and visited with Margie and Rob, Jana, Steven and Julie and Aunt LaFaun, their kids and Grandkids and finally got to meet Trina’s new honey Wade Hickman. They’ve been married a little more than a year now and are really cute together. They stayed here with me so we had some good conversations and a lot of fun.

We also got a lot of things done.

Last month when Dawn and Vonn were here I was still working on the main bathroom and I had had Andy come take the toilet out so I could get to the wallpaper behind it and fix the floor. It still wasn’t done yet  because life got in my way. I cut my hand doing flowers for Brian Franchina’s wedding to Marci MacDonald and had to have stitches at the ER…..Sarah and her mom helped finish that wedding before I even went to the ER/

So  there it was still not done when I found out about more company coming. Uncle Gaylen and Aunt Carla took pity on me and came over Monday and Tuesday. She stripped wallpaper in the kitchen and he fixed the sheetrock holes including patching the ugly hole where the medicine chest used to be.

Then he fixed the floor, laid the new flooring and painted the whole bathroom and reconnected the plumbing. All it took was a bribe of Triple Berry Apple Rhubarb Pie! Wade and Trina got here just as he was finishing up.

They got busy on Wednesday morning and painted the bathroom a second coat, raked the leaves in the back yard, painted the pantry wall and the French Doors, hung new blinds and a curtain rod that I’ve had for a long time but have been to ill to climb the ladder to get them done. If that wasn’t enough they packed the bookcases into the closet and I’ll be ready to decorate for Christmas as soon as I recover from staying up all night working on Sam Caldwell’s wedding flowers  for today.  I need a rest. Wade is close to 90 and he was running rings around me! They left a few hours ago taking some Christmas with them. Klista and Selina will be here tonight on their way to Mexico. She’s promised not to need 10 days in the hospital this time.

I love my friends and family!

I have a lot to be grateful for