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Friday, January 21, 2011

My Week From Hell

Actually, it's been longer than that but last week was the straw that broke this camel's back. So after 3 weeks Christmas is finally put away. All the books need to go back on the shelves, they are still residing in the closet. Deal with that later.
So what's been going on?
You name it.
It happened.
Felt miserable so went in to the Dr. Strep. Great. No voice either. Not great.
After breaking out in hives because I'm allergic to the medicine I got. Spent forever in a long line at the pharmacy getting new meds. Lot's of us sickies out there.
Then TD called, did I find their bag? Nope so I go look again in the boys room. Walk across the floor
Wet sucky squishy smelly.
Water leaked all over the floor, everything is soaked!
Roo came over after work the next day. After pulling out 1/2 the wall of drywall out along with soggy insulation he found where it was coming from. It wasn't something he felt he could begin to tackle since we thought the leaky part was behind the Lazy Susan cupboard in the corner of the kitchen. Need to remove counter tops, sink and cabinets to get to it.
In the meantime can't use the water in the kitchen. Poor pitiful me. Cried a little but listened to the friend who said call the homeowners insurance. Woo Hoo!  Happy happy Joy! Joy! It's covered!!!
Except the actual plumbing bill and the deductible.
Neither of which I had.
Insurance adjuster comes. Disaster cleanup guy comes. They look they talk they leave. Then plumber comes. He works, needs something then leaves but came back later. Leak is fixed! Then the dryer guys come leaving 4 jet engine turbines blasting away nonstop for a week. Did I mention the never ending 5 days and counting migraine?
Still feeling crappy go to the Dr again. Bronchial Pneumonia.
More meds and another long line.
Insulation guy comes. Sheetrock guy comes. Tape and mud guys come. Everything all buttoned up and beautiful.........well not really...... but it was back to where we started from. Dryers and de-humidifer still running.
Then the bill came. My portion is $1850!!!! For a 2 foot length of pipe a new fitting and labour. Plus 4 fans for a week, a $12.00 sheet of drywall and a small bucket of mud.
What a racket!!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Where is Slave Labor When You Need It?

Goodbye Christmas...............Don't I wish!!!
Christmas looks like it exploded again! Half the decorations are off the trees and in little piles scattered about. I usually leave everything up til Twelveth Night. But now I want it all out of here. NOW! Where is a cute energetic 10yr old when you need them? Hyrum helped me put it all up and ran up and down the stairs bringing trees, boxes and totes up.  He worked very hard.
Maybe I can buy more totes and just send things sliding down stairs and forget about them. But that won't work since 1) I'm broke and 2) Christmas stuff is very breakable.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday it was 4 years since the Frog passed away. I got thru it a lot better than last year. I’m sure it was because I had Tara, TeeDee and the boys here. I was so busy laughing at Jakob and Emil and Lucy that it wasn’t til later that I got a bit teary. Even then Lucy seemed to sense my mood and wanted to snuggle.

Today I was supposed to go play with Patty in Provo but there was so much snow here even once the driveway got cleared for the 4th time I didn’t go. Between Wenesday night and Friday morning we got about 17-20 inches. Terry and Emil cleared it off a couple of times while they were here.

So now for my resolutions:

Floss every day.

Eat more fruit and veggies. Do the outer perimeter of the store and shop clean like the GF Girl & the Chef. I may even join Bountiful Baskets like Baby and Middle Sis.

Start walking Lucy twice a day again. I’ve gotten terribly lazy.

Finish the Bathroom redo.

Read more, TV less. At least as many hours reading as watching TV per week.