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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm in LOVE!!

I have fallen truly, madly and deeply in love this weekend.
The object of my affection is this amazing little guy here.
For some joy may come in the morning but mine showed up Saturday afternoon sucking his thumb and holding on to Bear for dear life since Lucy was determined to take it away.

We still have some issues to work out. Since his Mommy and Daddy kept telling him they were going to Grandma's but they stopped here first I've been called Grandma alot the last couple of days. Now Emil knows who Auntie Vic is we've been the best of buds. After all she let him watch his favourite show on TV. He gets a 1/2 hr a week and he chooses to watch Cops!! Sings and dances along to Bad Boys Bad Boys and says "Don't do drugs!" "Don't run from Police!" when they catch the bad boys.
He still gets upset with Lucy but has mastered the phrases "Buzz Off Lucy!", "No Barking in the House" and "You go time Out Bad Puppy!" Auntie Vic scored high on the list for rescuing a huge giant Polar Bear from the dumpster, washing him and then letting Emil waller it to death in the middle of the family room. That thing is bigger than me!!
Another good call was his early birthday gifts...sets of finger Puppets from Ikea. He played with them for a long time and can do most of the animal sounds for all of them. But the fish were a little hard to come up with sounds for. Church was alot of fun. For the most part he played pretty quietly with them. If you ask him what does the starfish do he sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The Shark goes da dunt da dunt da dunt da dunt like Jaws. Those in the pew in front of us got quite a chuckle.
He gets to dress up cute for his Uncle Brian's wedding tommorrow. I'm sure he'll be the belle of the ball.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Can I just say how very much I love the women I come from?
This week has been all about my extended family and both giving and getting a little compassionate service.
Tuesday Cami helped me chip away at the mountains of stuff in the sCraproom once again. Meanwhile I worked on the storeroom. Even nauseous and pregnant she can out clean, sort and quickly deal with all the cluttery stuff that makes my butt look big. Can you tell I've seen a bit too much of Oprah??
Sarah called a few times to have a reasonably intelligent conversation with someone over 3 feet tall.
Thursday I took Julie up to the U for her liver biopsy at 7am, left at 10:15 to pick up Trina from the Airport (she was flying in from Hawaii) and was able to catch up with a mission buddy of the Frog's waiting to get the car from the valet and took her home for a nap.
Went back up to the U and got Julie and got her settled in. Then yesterday Trina got me motivated to do some spring cleaning, rearranging the familyroom while I cleaned out the fridge and freezer. Cami will be happy to know there is no longer 3 month old expired yogurt in there. Then we went scrapbooking at Roberts 50's Crop with Natalie, Trudie and Patty we both won prizes. I got a Cricut cartridge in the cakewalk and she got a prize for coming the farthest.
Did a bit more cleaning and grocery shopping today. Tonite we've had a nice dinner with TD and Tara while Emil has entertained us all. They are in town for her brother's wedding. All in all a very good week.

Rest in Peace Bea

One of my favourite older actresses. The gravelly voice. The lush Vera, the in your face feminism of Maude, Dorothy's classic common sense voice of reason. Thanks for the laughter you brought to me dear lady, rest in peace.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

Apparently I do dance in the rain. I don't think what I was doing was actually dancing though, I was just chasing Lucy round with the camera trying to get photo's of her protecting her turf.
The neighbourhood TomCat has it in for her. I swear he comes and sits on the fence just to torment her. She then goes nutso!! Til I let her out and then she really goes beserk. It's like watching a Tasmanian Devil cartoon. She runs jumps twists and twirls all while barking furiously!!
It's actually very very funny to watch. The other day there were 2 cats on the fence and Lucy picked up a stick about 3 feet long and started HITTING the fence with it. What a smart little puppy I have!! Of course the cats are wise to her now and just let her wear herself out til they get bored, then they leave.