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Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Exciting Things

are going on this week.
Last Saturday my neice H decided to jump off a bridge at the ward campout and hit the water and broke her ankle with a compound fracture. Thankfully there was an ER Dr floating the river with his family and he had her leg set and splinted while waiting for Life Flight to take her to the hospital. They did a major surgery Saturday and another on Wenesday. She was going to have one today too but they've re-scheduled it tommorrow.
The poor kid She's been in the hospital all week long and poor Little Sis trying to be there for her and home with Em and plan for her too. Baby Sis finally had enough of her saying "No it's okay we're covered" and jumped in the car and headed down yesterday. Little Sis finally got to spend some time with Em and sleep in her own bed. I'm going up and take over on Monday since though I have no life I did have quite a few committments this week
Em decided she had had enough of staying wih Grandpa Beer's and ran away from them. They found her unhurt over by the comminity pool in the park but she needs alot more attention than older people can provide. Now I guess the RS is involved and they are taking her in the daytime to keep her occupied.
VonnDawn and their kids Chris and Rachel came to stay for a little while. When they got here I took them over to the pool and we went swimming. Chris sure can climb. The kids monkeyed around the rock wall for quite awhile til we decided Ice Cream sounded good. What was really good was the soak in the hot tub!! But we made it to Leatherby's in plenty of time to enjoy some sundae's. The next day they went to Temple Square then we met up with Chad and his new girlfriend, Big Little Brother, Craig & Liz and Dave at Guadalahonkey's for dinner. It's been awhile since we were there and they've changed the menu. Still Good but no Blue Corn Tortillas.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends

Woke to a nice surprise yesterday! m came up and weeded my terribly overgrown flowerbeds. Granted because the yarrow has gone to seed they are still sporting a lot of brown seed pods but it look 10,000 times better. I need to go gather them and put them in the back yard beds for next year. I just love the feathery foliage.
Good thing too since together we are hosting our neighbourhood Block Party Thursday night. My end of the street is eaisier to block off and I have 4 big tables we can use to serve from. We are both hoping to get to know some of our neighbours better. Alot of move-ins, move-outs this past year.
I'm sort of hoping MJ and N will come from next door in full costume. that would be a hoot for the neighbours down the street who don't believe we have real sword fights up here. I do however have photos to prove it!! LOL
If C shows in his Mountain Man re-inactment costume even better.
It's a BYOMD party with a potluck and we'll have a bunch on grills. Good Times!

Monday, August 06, 2007

My How Big Your Eyes Are

TD and Tara sent me more Emil pics today. My gosh he is getting so big! Only a few months old and already he looks almost like a toddler. LOL. It must be the hair. isn't it funny when they are little having hair ages them but when they get old having no hair ages them too. Boys are weird that way. Somedays I think he looks alot like tara and others he is all Terry like this picture of TD I just found

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My No Good Rotten Horrible Stinky Expensive Very Bad Day!

It started like any other day rolling over and fumbling on the nightstand for my glasses. Which weren't there but were on the floor. In pieces. Again. The lens popped out of the frame for the second time this week. So off to the Eye Center I need to go. Again. For the second time this week.
I guess I should be grateful that they are open. Sunday they weren't and I coudn't find my old pair til about 10 pm so I gave myself a really rotten headache. ( This isn't the rotten part...that comes later).
Off and On all day long I kept smelling a funky smell. I took out the trash.
The house still smelled.
I did up the dishes that I dirtied making a killer Potatoe Salad for Family Home Evening at Caldwell's. I ran lemon juice down the disposal. With the kitchen reasonably clean I settle down to read a bit.
Walking by the bathroom there it is again the funky pong that's been eluding me all morning. So like any reasonable woman I shut the door. No go, so I clean the bathroom.
I figure since I cleaned one I might as well clean the other.
I think of going to gawk at the rich folk and go to the Parade of Homes. I decided it's much to hot.
I'm tired I pick up my book again. I talk with Baby Sis on the phone. She's loving her new house and having fun settling in though it's not quite as easy as she'd like. There are trees to water and a lawn to mow.
Welcome to home ownership Sis!
We talk a bit more about nothing...we are sisters after all that happens. She mentions that the the house had a better washer and dryer than theirs so she sold theirs on Craig's List. Then it hit's me!
Maybe the funk is wet clothes left in the washer in hot weather. It's been known to happen before.......especially here. Nothing there or in the dryer. I run through a bit of Pine Sol in the washer anyway. now everything smells clean even if it isn't.
I decide to go get my prescriptions before the pharmacy closes....something I've been dreading all day. Yuck!! the bill was so high!! Almost $300 for 6 little tiny bottles of little tiny pills.
As I pull in I notice that the light in the garage is out again. No bigger I'll get it changed. The new light bulb doesn't work either!! Arrrgggghhh!
As I ponder my next move and go to shut the garage, it hits again, the whiff of a funky ick smell. About the same time I think I don't hear the freezer running I realize why the light's not working.
It was like the shower scene from Physco!!! Brief glimpses jerking harshly into my brain. It's dark, bloated, soggy and drippy all at the same time. I tentatively touch..... nothing is cool to the touch at all. Mold is already thriving. It is a total loss.
I open the door pull the car out and pull the trash barrel in and begin the disgusting task. Putrid meat, squishy veggies, dripping ice cream and 2 lone loaves of moldy bread make their way into the bin. Packaging with chemical reactions to being left in the dark for at least 3 to 4 days of 100 degree weather follow. The first bloated package causually tossed in onto the growing heap exploded, releasing the most unspeakable scent ever smelled into the already polluted evening air.
Outside in the fresher air of the front porch I cried, not wanting to face the rest of the disgusting task. Knowing there is no one but me to do it I go back into to face the fish. The bin was full, i gladly close the lid and roll it outside, realizing that there are 6 more days until the mess inside will be picked up.
Physically unable to reach inside even once more I turn on the Hose and pull the trigger on the sprayer, Hosing down the inside of the freezer. I lather the entire thing with Chlorox Cleaner and hose again. Lather rinse repeat, lather rinse repeat. I open 3 boxes of baking soda from storage and place inside after wiping the inside down with an old towel that I then throw away and wearily take myself to bed.
I told you
it was a no good rotten horrible stinky expensive very bad day.