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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeling Festive

For the very first time in years I had someone to go Christmas shopping with. Big Little Brother came up and we went to Lunch, then home to play with my Merry Christmas to me….to Vicky from Vicky Nook Tablet. Yeah for me from QVC! LOL

While he was checking out all the free apps it came with  we looked on Fandango and saw the new Muppet Movie was starting in 1/2 hour. We looked at each other and stated to sing the theme song. Off we went.


Apparently the school kids are actually still in school and the parents with itty bitty little kids are too young to appreciate an 80’s Classic like “what we call the Muppet Show.” We were the only ones in the theatre!! We sang all the old familiar songs, laughed at the grumpy old men in the box seats, winced at Miss Piggy’s  all about “Moi” and whiney “Kermiy.” It was great fun! Then we went Christmas shopping to Toys R Us and over to the VF mall, bought more gifts and checked out all the changes there.

Of course once we got home and sorted out the packages Blane took off and left all his stuff here for Auntie Vic to wrap! LOL So I’m taking a little break from wrapping and watching the Glee Christmas Episodes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making Ends Meet

It’s Christmastime so of course I’ve been worried about the $$$$$. I’ve also been stressed because it’s never ever taken me this long to get the decorations up. We finished last night. The living room has the all the Santa figures in place and the white tree in the sleigh. The family room has the Angels and a couple of the smaller Nativity scenes. The Beardall’s are so much help to me Justin has run boxes up and down the stairs. Maury cleans and vacuums and Ben entertains Lucy. I supervise. Everything looks really nice.

Last night I went downtown and earned $75 just by walking in the door. I was supposed to be part of a focus group on Diabetics with Cardiac issues but they scheduled too many people so they paid me, fed me and sent me home. I’ve also been part of another Dry Eye study testing out a new medicine that has paid me to be a part of it. So that money has been my Christmas budget. I just have a few more gifts to get then I’ll be done.