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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Same Time, Next Year

So last night I stayed up til all hours reading then flipped the TV channel to see the time. Just how lazy is that? I really should plug the clock radio in again but I love my rrom to be really dark. any way back to my story
I turned the channel then discovered that one of my alltime favourite movies was on. I just love this show. Same Time, Next Year.
Alan Alda does such a great job of reacting to Ellen Burstyn's character especially when she comes after going back to school. I totally love his reaction when he discovers she's not wearing a bra. LOL
I love how they insert news TV and music in between each scene. I know that's one of the reasons I love Mr Holland's Opus and Forrest Gump so much too but this movie was out there before them moving the story along with the news of the time period.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Major Accomplishment

I accomplished something major last night. I went to a movie all by myself. I've never done that before. It wasn't too bad. I just didn't have anyone to talk with or laugh with so that made it sort of weird. Gosh next thing you know I'll be eating out in resturants all by myself too.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

I used to always avoid attending church on occaision's like today. But today I went. It wasn't so bad. Weird I know but when you spend years trying and you have no children, it hurts to see all those Mom's getting Flowers and Dad's getting PayDay candy bars (today's gifts to Dad's, how appropriate!).
I tried calling Daddy but they must be out to Jacque's or still in Church. I've been thinking alot about him this week. Mom said he'd fallen again on Monday turning the sprinklers on outside. He was looking pretty frail at the Frog's funeral I know I need to figure a way to get up there soon for a visit. One of my fondest earliest memories of Daddy was a time we went up in a little plane one of the guys in the ward was piloting and swooping low to see the trailer house. I felt so special to get to go, we did a couple of loop-de-loops and I didn't even get sick. Pretty cool when you only about 6.
Yesterday was nephew Brandon's wedding to Bridget. They looked so cute. The Mayor conducted the ceremony and he really talked in way too much. The fellows in the row in front of me were terribly bored, but that could have been because they had both finished their beers during the service. Their colours were Hot Pink and Bright Yellow (colours I have don't together in forever) but they blended beautifully. Karen had on a Hot pink dress as Mother of the Groom and B's sister was the Matron of Honour in yellow. I think Lila and Mrs Schultz were surprised to get corsages but I love it when the Grandmas and Grandpa's are honoured that way too. I almost always do white bows since you're never sure what they will be wearing. I thought it was cute that both of Bridget's G'pa's thought enough of her that they wore yellow shirts.neither of them thought much about what they were wearing til I mentioned it when I was pinning on the boutonnieres, then one said "I'm just as festive as all the rest now aren't I?"
Bridget even called me today about noon to say thanks again. It's so nice to be appreciated for my talents. I thank God for blessing me so much. It was awfully hot outside and the wind just really blew but it was nice. After my job was over I went over to Nat's to pick up a SIU SB swap. So nice of her to ask me in for a bit, it was cool in her home and the swap I picked up were fabulous!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I love that word. Well really how could you not?
Life = Change
I thought I'd better post early this week since the end of the week promises to be really busy. My oldest nephew Brandon is marrying his sweetie Bridget on Saturday and you guessed it Auntie Vic is doing the flowers for the Bridal Party. Their colours are Hot Pink and bright yellow so I've got these babies on order. SIL T is making the cake so it will go together really easy ( seeing as how this is the 3rd time for the same style) Love just doing the bitty clusters. I'll have to post once it's done.
TD and Other Sis sent out the cutest birth announcements for Emil and sent a couple of more photos in the last email. He's growing right B4 my eyes.
I spent last weekend at my friend Tamara's cabin. Sooo much fun. I decided to go at the last minute since I wasn't up home watching Cherise graduate. She really did alot to make us all feel welcome.
I'm jealous of her cabin's view. It was such a fun ride up there too. I'd never been that direction B4 and didn't know where I was going but it was fun getting there Highway 40 all the way to mile marker 59 was on her directions. It was past Strawberry Res almost to Duchesene.I stopped at the overlook and played with a chipmunk. Spunky little thing. Going over Daniel's Summitt was fun but the Smurf-Mobile made it just fine though. It's like he read the "Little Engine That Could" before we went. I was a bit worried on the gravel road too there were plenty of potholes but once again we made it just fine. He desperately needs a bath but not today. I've got to clear the sCraproom up before the wedding flowers come.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm an Auntie!!!

Been meaning to post this all week and havent't yet. Aaron Emil Nelson was born last Sunday morning after a long labor that ended in not only a C-section but an appendectomy for Mama too. Poor Tara.
Since he is the First Boy grandchild on the Nelson side and first grandchild ever on the Nielsen side litttle Emil will soon be very spoiled. Emma thinks that they named him after her and is already practicing his name in chalk on the drive way, or so she said. LOL
here are the cute pictures they've shared. Look at all that hair!! He weighed in at 8lbs 9oz and is 20 inches long. Didn't Baby Brother and Other Sis make a cute kid??