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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mama Mia!!!

Last night was another Girls Night Out. I am so lucky that I have friends who like to include me in their plans. Even better is a friend who buys dinner. ....Thanks Patty!! we all met at Joe's Crab Shack in the Jordan Commons and we had a ball ! Wendi and Andrea brought their husbands too and they fit right in.
They really had a very pregnant pollster over at the theaters going. James and Scott(?) told her they were gay and we all went along with it. It was so very funny, she really believed them too, especially when they told her what movie we were all going to see.
I loved the movie except for Pierce Brosnan's singing----they really should have dubbed that in. The musical at the Capitol Theatre had a much better Sam. the young girl who played Sophie was so lovely and she really looked like Meryl Streep who played her mother Donna. she had the most beautiful clear blue green eyes. Meryl was wonderful! It was so much fun to watch her let loose on the dancing parts. Very Very different from the character she plays in The Devil Wears Prada.
There were quite a few guys in the audience and one fellow behind us on the very back row was singing right along with all of us to all the old ABBA hits.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I left late last month and meandered my way up home spent a week with the family then came home on my birthday. It's official I'm 29 with 18 years of experience. Had a great time watching Pullman's fireworks once tha camera cooperated.
here are some photos from all the fun I had on my vacation. Gray was blessed on July the 6 by his Daddy. He looked so cute in his little white suit. Tracy and Eric have a very nice home and it's just perfect for them.
Emil learned to walk more than a few steps fall then keep crawling. Thanks to Marquel who has a ton of patience. She just kept playing with him and working at it over and over, he was getting around really well the other night. Thanks also to her for sleeping on the couch all week so Auntie Vic had a bed. Emil also got a haircut thanks to her because his hair was so long she put it into ponytails
Emelia had her 1st day of swimming lessons and didn't drown or get kicked out.She also got to see a Buffalo in Yellowstone stick his bum into the window of their car. Which she had to tell everyone was only inches from Caralee's face.

Chayla and Cherise are looking more and more alike as they get older and turning into absolutely gorgeous young women. Cherise is busy with her job and getting ready to start her sophmore year of college. Chayla has been busy with Basketball /Camp and will be a HS Senior this fall. They liked the BAB I brought them too! They are both waayyy taller than me too. Matter of fact even Marquel is a bit taller than me.

Maren has been working for her grandpa in the fields pulling rye and was looking forward to going to the American Idol Concert over in Seattle last weekend.
Best of all Heidi was doing really well getting around on her new shoes. She shared my hotel room last weekend ( I wonder why she didn't want to squeeze in with Emma and her Mom and Dad?) and rode with me the 5 hours from Pullman to Boise last Sunday. She showed me "the Infamous Bridge". We had the best time singing along to the CD's she brought to listen to. i didn't get a really good photo of her or Marquel except in the group shots so I guess I'll just have to go back. LOL