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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Eat Pete!!!

It seemed to be a big success. We had our Primary Presentation at church on Sunday morning. The music from the kids was wonderful and Cheri did a fabulous job in mixing it up so the meaning of the songs really shown thru. Sister Charlotte came with a Primary Genral Board member and they both liked it alot.
I spent most of the night before making up bookmarks to go with the kids Good Job candy treat. I also was assigned to play a game with the kids. Thanls to Middle Sis Jacq for suggesting
Don't Eat Pete.
The kids had alot of fun and one little fellow asked if he could take home the paper to use at his own FHE. Thenhe came round wanting some M& M's because he said I didn't need them cuz I was already fat ! LOL What would you do? I gave him the candy ....didn't want to be both fat and a hogg LOL

Monday, October 22, 2007

70's Show

It has taken me awhile but I finally get the whole Ashton Kutcher thing that was going on a few years ago. Not that I'm as GaGa over him as the rest of the world but I've become slightly addicted to
The Nostalgia is completely freaking me out!! All the music and cultural references not to mention the whole "I had THAT" clothing. For the record I looked more like Donna but dressed a bit more like Jackie. Though I did have a whole time where my hair was definitely Kitty's.
I recieved the exact same juice carafe and glasses as a wedding present. It also appeared frequently on both "Family Ties" and "GRowing Pains". Of course Heaven forbid we actually drank real OJ from it, that was for TANG and only TANG.
Speaking of which every other year for Christmas the Frog's grandparents gave all the married GK's a gallon can of TANG. Odd years we got a nice canned Ham.
Don't know what made me think of that but thought I'd toss that in.
Just proving I guess that I'm definitly a product of the whole TV generation even though it's taken me awhile.
And now I'm off to watch Marie and Jane on DWTS!! LOL

Friday, October 19, 2007

The End is Coming

The world as we know it must be coming to an end!!!
Not to truly alarm or terrify anyone out there is cyber space but yesterday
Yes friends that was Me with the mixer out...BTW who knew I even still had a mixer?
But there I was rooting round inside the cabinets and finally found Old Goldie, a little bit battered but still very useful even after all these years. She (one of the last of my orignal wedding gifts) helped me in my quest to make something just the least little bit NORMAL. Or as close as I can get to normal being as weird as I am.
So I made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Brownies with flours from grains all over the world. Best of all they were GOOD!!!!
Even my friends liked them. Yes I shamelessly used them as unknowing guinea pigs. After all if it was going to kill me I certainly didn't want to die alone. I've never even thought of putting EVOO into my baking. But they tried them and none of them ran screaming for the hills. I don't think Dennis and Trisha really got what a big deal it was to me to have something taste so good, but Melissa did and was totally tickled with my effforts.
So if you notice me getting fatter it's not just the steroids I'm on. It may be that I'm lingering in the sinful goodness of fudgey warm Brownies and a big glass of milk.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Itchy Bitch

I could totally have my own Itchy and Scratchy show on the Simpsons!
I'm red and blotchy. I have itchy spots in places I didn't even know I had. I got out the spaghetti fork to use as a back scratcher for those spotst that I couldn't reach, even my tongue and armpits itch.
I've drowned my poor squatty itchy body in bath oil....didn't help... just makes the tub slippery.
I've tried an oatmeal bath....didn't help ...just clogged the drain up.
I re-filled the water softner with salt...didn't help....just made it easier to see the snow storm of dry dead skin floating on the greasey water.
I tried some cream....didn't help....well it did make me smell a bit better.
Finally I gave up and called the Dr. Most of this started last week when we upped the dose of one of my medicines. but according to him that isn't the cause so I went to my PC Dr who took one look and said I needed to be in hospital!! No insurance??? I don't think so...
So for now I'm back on steriods.
I wonder if it will cause me to have Roid Rage??
The itch is back AAARrrrggghhhhhhhhhh!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Wenesday Letters

This morning I'm reading a book called The Wenesday Letters It's very good I highly recommend it even though I haven't yet finished it. Anyway there I was reading along and the at the end of the chapter is this line...."Now I know why the Lord took his day off on Sunday. That must be the day he personally greets his favourites."
It seemed to totally take me by surprise since the very moment I read the lines I was struck with the thought that the Frog passed away on a Sunday. Then the tears came, and I knew it was true.
Then I wondered if that isn't a bit true of his send off's as well. Baby Sis was born on a Sunday. All her life she has been the perfect description of the Sunday's Child in the poem......."the child born on the Sabbath Day is bonnie and blithe and good and gay." I know she is one of God's favourites.
So now I'm wondering....
Then I realized that I AM.