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Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 1983

A couple of days ago I was showing Erin a picture in one of the photo albums and when I was putting it back she noticed a journal on the shelf. I told her it was the Frog's and picked it up. There on the last entry is Steve explaining the process of getting his MS diagnosis. I honestly didn't even know it was there. So many things I'd forgotten or blanked out as too painful to remember. I think it's the longest entry in the whole book. What did come shining thru and brought both of us to tears was his testimony that with God's help he'd get thru it all. A Frog Kiss from the other side.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wasting the Day Away

Things I have accomplished today.

Absolutely Nuthin!!

Been so sick most of the weekend I can't even think straight. Just about passed out teaching my lesson on Sunday but made it thru. Of course didn't stay for RS afterwards, spent most of today and alot of yesterday on the couch or in the bathroom with horrid stomach cramps. Darn pain pills aren't working at all.
i keep thinking of doing something but everything seems like so........ too much effort.
Did get a visit from my new Visiting Teachers!! Woo Hoo!
Got Lucy out for a walk then about halfway the little pill stopped and kept trying to climb into my arms! She wanted me to carry her cuz it was too cold out for her!! No Way Baby you wanted to walk you walk. Since then it's been Crusty Looks amd the old Stink Eye.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

How do I Love U Tube?

With very little effort on my part I can totally waste 1/2 a day or most of the night. Even with tons more important things to do.
Plus it's easy to share.

Love love love this commercial!! I get such a kick out of the villians saying they are sorry. Isn't this way more fun than most of us have?

This is another one that I love to see.