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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Emil's 1st Christmas

TD and Tara called and they made it home just fine yesterday even with the wind blowing snow all over the freeway in spots. I'm glad he calls to tell me they are safely home. It's the Big Sister in me. I guess still gotta look out for the Little ones. LOL

Here are pics of Emil. Can I just say that he is like the most happy baby ever? He only fussed a bit once in the whole time they were here and only cheesed it once too. He is quite the mimic and tries to make the same sounds you do. He has his 2 bottom teeth and bit both my nose and my chin so I'll most likely end up with his bit of a cold from all the baby slobber that got in my nostrils.

He of course got all the really good presents. Daddy/Grandpa built him the litttle rocking chair it all slides together so they were able to pack it flat to get it home. He spent most of Christmas morning on Unky Blane's lap and they got to be enormously good friends, Blane being an expert at unwrapping gifts passed on all his knowledge to Emil. Most important being of course that if you can't tear into it with your hands use your teeth and slobber on it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Ho Ho!

Christmas without the Frog went very well.We got up ate some breakfast played with Emil and then Blane came and we opened gifts. I've decided that opening presents with Babies is really fun. They are soo very entertaining! At least Emil is. Blane and I taught him a new trick. We got him bouncing around, laughing and shaking his whole little body whenever we'd ask " Are you excited?" We both agreed he's even better than a puppy and Blane would know since he has 2 dog's that still haven't got sense enough not to pittle everytime someone comes to visit. It's not their lickers that they can't hold it's their bladder. But I digress...

The Crookston Family party was last Sautrday night. Both Quilts were done and ready but I was stumped as to what to do for my other mother. Finally I hit on a great idea and was sure no one would copy me. Season tickets to the Empress Theatre that's nine times to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves....Lots of good shows too. What the actors lack in execution they more than make up for in enthusiasum.

After the party I headed over to the store to get my meds and saw that the cemetery had luminerie's all lit up all over. It was so beautiful. I took alot of photos and called over to the house to let the others know how pretty it looked. when I got home TD & Tara were here with Baby Emil. Woo HOo!

Friday, December 21, 2007

More Babies

Carter's first birthday in August. He was really serious about getting all that cake into his mouth.

Aiden is trying to prove how very strong he is by pulling the TV down on himself. He went to visit Santa the other did not go well. Better luck next year.
And here is Emil looking absolutely adorable in the Pumpkin Patch!!

Babies & Little Guys

What is it about babies that make them so very much fun? I was looking at this photo of Ben with the Frog that I posted the other day and I can't believe how very much he has grown in just a little while. Here is a photo of him taken about a month after his 1st birthday! Not very baby-ee is it? When I wasn't looking he turned into a little boy!

Then there is Blake, Chase and Alyssa. Blake just had his first birthday a couple of days ago, in this photo he is still only about 7 months old but when I looked at him yesterday he got all growed up too! Last year at his time he was in the NICU.

Look at Chase.....Isn't that a great name for him? In this shot he looks just like he is ready to shout One! Two! Three! Goooo!!! and off he'd run liike a flash! His name really fits him.

How cute is Alyssa? Folding her arms like she has to be quiet to take a picture. She's a bit older than Sarina but only by a few months.

Sarina looks so grown up here you'd hardly believe she's only 3.

Pretty soon I'll get to meet Emil for the first time. He's looked like a little boy right from the first because of all his hair. I got to hear him eat the phone the other can bet I'm taking lots of pics of him!

Which reminds me of my great-nephews Carter and Aiden to be fair I've got to post pics of them too!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Haven't photgraphed them just yet but I have the Christmas Quilts done!! Woo Hoo! Of course they wouldn't have gotten finished at all except for Mom and Teresa who came by last night and worked on the king sized one. Now that there is furniture in the sCrap room that size really DOES NOT FIT! the grren one is so Kevin I really hope that he likes it. After all I bought the fabric 2 years ago thinking I had his name for Christmas 2006.


Then of course there were things a bit more important last year than doing a quilt. The closer I get to that one year mark the more I realize just how very special last December actually was.

The other night I even wrote my Letter to Santa thanking him for his gifts last year. I'm putting this photo from Christmas Day 2006 on the layout. The baby is Benjamin Hone. He and mom Cami came over to get away from all the hullabaloo at Aunt Carla's that day and we had a lovely visit. Here is another fun pic of him in Santa's sleigh

We had so many choice experiences and were blessed in so many ways that looking back I find it really incredible how very much we are loved.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is Coming

Last year the Frog listened to the Sounds of the Season channel on the TV everyday from the time he came home til he left. It was on literally 24/7. this year I can't even bear to turn it on. Driving round in the car is different, doesn't bother me but turning on the digi music channel does weird ain't it?
I put up his Angel tree in the living room this year. His Santa pushing the Teddy in the wheelchair has moved from the bedroom out to the shelves with the others; it will come back after Christmas is over.
The Trio trees are decked out in the family room with about 1/2 their usual 12 days ornament finery andin the LR most of the Santas are on display. Since I didn't put anything away last year it took me a bit to find some things this year. By the time I figured out where the big tree was I was tired of going up and down the stairs.
Chloe is dressed in her red Christmas dress and looking cute. There was a new Peanuts Christmas show on tonite about Lucy and Linus's little brother Rerun. Wasn't quite the same but it was cute.
I've gone to the Festival of Trees and Temple Square to see the lights and put me in the mood. I've even made fudge.
So I guess I'm ready.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday, December 01, 2007

White World

I woke up to a very white world and the sound of snowplows going by. It's really coming down right now and of course because some idot has gone too fast, not only have I heard the snow plows but also the sirens.
There is something really magical about snow.
Clean, fresh and white. I love the lawn and yard to be pristine with no footsteps but that will change as soon as the rest of the neighbourhood is awake. Sooner than later some little kid will see my beautiful yard of unsullied whiteness and tramp all round. It's okay though.
I remember sliding down the hill on old (and sometimes not so old) cookie sheets. We'd make a big old pile of snow at the end of the drive so we'd stop rather than slide on thru to the road. If we were really good you'd learn to make the turn and go along the front of the yard. Once or twice the cookie sheet kept going and ended up in the canal. Looking back we are so lucky we all didn't just break our fool necks!!