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Saturday, May 29, 2010

In the News

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This is my friend JoBeth's husband on the news. They live on a ranch in Arizona right on the border. This is why Arizona signed the Immigration Law. They have had as many as 500,000 people streaming thru their property. He voices a very real fear for his families safety. They have been robbed 7 times by illegal immigrants.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello My Friends

In a few months I'll be traveling on up to Washington to see my folks. While I'm there I plan on attending  the Connell High School Reunion for Classes '79 and '80. It should be alot of fun! Thanks to Facebook  I've been getting alot friend requests and doing some reconnecting and catching up.  It's amazing to me how much we've all changed, yet remained the same after 30 years. I marvel at the things we've accomplished. I mourn for those we've lost along the way. I wish I had been a better friend, there are so many I lost contact with all those years ago when we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah my Senior year.
Oh how I hated it! I hated going from being the girl who knew everyone in our small pond to practically drowning in the great lake waters of Kearns High. There the Class of 1979 had a little over 1000 students and over 3500 in the school. I will never forget my first week of school there.... I practically starved to death because I just could not seem to find the cafeteria. I had such a full class schedule because of the way none of my Freshman year's credits were counted. I had to re-take/make up a ton of work. I'd been in Algebra but had to take Basic Math, I was a TA in Home Ec in Connelll but had to go to Sewing 101 and  Cooking Basics.  Hello? I pretty much made all my own clothes from Jr High on. I always wanted to ask them just how they thought a meal got on the table at home if Jac and I didn't make it. It still took a waiver from the School Board to graduate because I was still 1 1/2 credits short. It took awhile to make new friends, we were just begining to know each other and then we graduated and went our separate ways.
I will never forget my small town roots. Maybe that's why I love living here on the edge in Magna. It still feels small town to me. I go to the grocery and I see people I know and a quick trip turns into an hour long catch up. But if I 've got the price of a ticket I'm minutes away from the Opera, Ballet or Symphony. I can visit the Zoo, shop in just about any national chain and if I want to see stars I just drive to Park City the last week of January. Life is what you make it and I think mine is turning out okay.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hell Has Frozen Over

I went to church on Mother's Day!!!

That has only happened one other time in 30 years and granted I spent all of Sacrament Meeting fine tuning my GD lesson rather than sitting thru the obligatory handing out to anyone female and over 18 but I'm really proud of me. I even held my little Ben B-boy in RS and didn't bawl when I gave him back.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Bad Things Come in Three’s or waiting for the other shoe to drop

Pulled into the garage Late Saturday night and smelled a funky smell that didn't smell so well. Checked, it wasn't the trash. Then I noticed it, the Dreaded Sound of Silence. No need to go after it, the freezer wasn't running. Total Loss. No ice crystals anywhere, not even a hint of coolness! Damn thing had to have been off for days.

So Sunday after Church I changed into old clothes. Gloved up and went to work. Rough guess I probably lost close to $300 worth of food. Then I mopped it all out with PINE SOL then waited a bit and wiped it all down with Clorox Bleach. Still a funky smell out there but I’m thinking that will go away when I hose out the garage floor and it’s still a bit too cold for that.

Monday I went to Costco to try and get a start on building up the freezers inventory and the stupid membership expired. I asked could I get a courtesy slide on renewing and they said no so to get what I needed I had to pay up. It dawned on me walking out that I didn;t have anywhere close to $200 worth of stuff so I looked and the renewal was $100!!!! Blane and I have some sort of business account……

Then the washing machine died. It’s death was slow and ugly. For months now the trigger that sends the washer into a spin cycle has been broke. I had to set the timer for the agitate cycle when it went off I had to go and open the lid then close it and it would spin out and refill then another open and shut to spin the rinse water out. That all changed the other day. Darn thing freaked out and it sounded like there was a helicopter in there. It ground to a halt but not before something cracked up inside and you could smell burnt wiring.

Of course it didn’t end there……. the water barrel part cracked up and there was a flood of water. I was bailing as fast as I could be the rug in the bathroom still got soaked thru. The floor didn’t buckle but some Christmas down in the storeroom got wet. No fabric and no Santas were harmed.

So I had a new washer to buy

It came today and didn’t fit the space!!! I couldn’t even close the door to the garage and that’s not going to work. So they had to change everything back out and get one that would fit. It’s pretty close but I can close the door  now. There is all of 1/2” of clearance.

So my question is when does the bleeding money stop? OR WHAT’S NEXT?

Is it the new glasses I need or will I be getting collection calls now I’ve maxed out every credit card I own….

Only time will tell.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just Catching Up!

At long last here I am posting something new.
Seems fitting it being May Day and all I should start with something about flowers. I was busy with flowers for my niece Camille's wedding in April. she had all white Calla Lillies and Jasmine. Her colours were black White and Dr Pepper Red and it turned out beautiful and on a perfect day.

My snowball bush by the back porch is blooming and smells wonderful when it stops raining.

Seth Daryk was born yesterday morning and baby and momma Tracy are both doing fine. His entrance to the world wasn't quite as dramatic as big brother Gray's. No minute by minute updates for 3 days straight on Eric's blog or anything. Seth was presenting placenta previa so Baby Sis had a planned C-section this time round. As far as I know he has all his fingers, toes, eyes and nose. No word yet on hair colour or ears. Only time will tell if he gets to wear a Yoda costume for Halloween. Gray will be turning 2 next month so Tracy will really have her hands full.

Lucy got her summer puppy cut and looks completely nekkid......of course then we got all this weird winter weather so she's freezing and won't go outside very long.