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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


ICE ICE Baby!!! Is now one of my favourite songs!!


Because at the Inspiration Celebration Experience in Boise this last weekend
I played with Lil'Sis Caralee and my Cuz Cami. Saw some old friends and made some new ones.
I won lots of stuff!!

Woo Hoo! for Me!!

I got all kinds of good stuff just for being there and then I won the Grand Prize!

Travelin' Light

Less than a week after getting home from Alaska and the Cruise off I went on a Scrapbook Retreat with all the great gals from the Shabby Chic group to the Scrappin' Smiles Cabin. We had a great time, talking, creating, eating and telling stories round the campfire. Cami came up with me and we managed despite a near accident in Heber to cram all our scrap stuff, clothes, bedding and pillows along with 2 six foot folding tables and 4 chairs into the FIT. Thank goodness we had the option of Jessica's van for the tables on the return trip. Going down the mountain wouldn't have been as easy. Tables slide on hills and during sudden stops.
Ask me how I know?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Smiles for Myles

My dear friend lost her darling little boy the other day. He was asleep in the car and she was distracted by other things from bringing him inside to finish his nap in the crib. When she realized that he wasn't inside but still in the car, it was too late and his little body had overheated and he was already gone. My heart hurts so very much for her. She is a remarkable woman and a fabulous mother to all of her children but this loss has hit her terribly hard. Even worse her husband wasgone on business and she had to call him and tell him what had happened. The really weird thing wasn't even that hot outside. You always here this happens in some hot climate like Phoenix or Vegas, not Salt Lake where it was literally the first nice weather all month.
I am amazed at the love and the support from all our scrapping buddies. I had offered to do the flowers because I love her so very much and posted to our MB's about it. These gracious ladies sent enough money so that not only are the flowers from us scrappers covered but also those expenses of the family are taken care of as well. I knew I could count on them. I'm proud to say they are my friends.