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Monday, July 11, 2011

The BIG 50!!!

Yes you read that right, the big 50. Since noon last Thrusday I'm officially 1/2 a century old. As birthdays go it was pretty quiet. Teresa took me out for dinner the night before to El Rancho Grande. For once I got something different and ordered the Enchiladas Sonora. Very yummy.
Soon I'll be gumming my food and wearing my hair really short and poking every which away. I'll wait in line for the Early Bird Special at Golden Corral and spending obscene amounts of money on orthopedic shoes, support hose and mummu style dresses. I'll get things in the mail from the AARP, pre-need funeral plans and retirement homes offering compassionate caring staff to meet my every need in my Twlight years.
I'm not dead. I'm just getting older. Which is why I will no longer have Birthdays. When asked how old I am, I will answer 39 with 11 years of experience.
Sounds so much better than 50.....don't you think.