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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Get IT!!!

So for how long have I drooled and even slobbered over my dream scraprooms posted on 2peas? filled with things from Pottery Barn, Ikea and Crate and Barrel.
I finally get it.
I have a new store to love! Meaning of course that I braved the mob and went look shopping at Ikea's grand opening yesterday. I wandered round for hours til I just almost couldn't walk back to the car. the Big Big Blue is going to be seeing a bunch of me. I'm very impressed anyway. i went and didn't buy a thing at all. LOL
The lines were so long I just jotted down item numbers of stuff I'd like to get in a few weeks once all the hullabaloo dies down. On the news they showed a line clear round the building and I guess traffic was really congested. Little Sis even had friends bring a big Uhaul down to buy stuff.
I ran into one gal in a yellow shirt tht said "Temporary Help don't ask me any hard questions" You've got to love a company that does that! Woo Hoo!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bugs are Ugly

There is a thread going on over a 2Peas about how often husbands compliment their wives. I started to post but realized it wasn't something I wanted to share. I miss that way the Frog looked at me. I miss that after he said something nice if I wasn't feeling particulary good about my appearence I could always say " What do you know you've been 1/2 blind for however many years" and we'd both laugh. He'd always say he knew I looked great because I was wearing the "good perfume" and I stinked purty. Estee Lauder's Exotic Pleasure's or Channel #5.
Both vials are empty now.
I've got alot of other "Stink Purty" stuff but have felt this terrible overwhelming urge to get my hinder over to Dillards and buy both which would set me back at least $5o each......
On the other hand, I do sometimes think I am as cute as a bug......... but then again most bugs are UGLY!!
On a brighter note I have a date tommorrow. Dinner and a Movie.
Of course it's with BLB, we are going to go see Shrek 3 and I'm bribing him with a Sunday dinner of Good Chicken. So how freakin' weird is it when you call your brother for a date because you've never gone to a movie by yourself in your whole life?
Thing #104 to talk to a shrink about.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

In the Thick of Things

I've not posted for a bit. Bad me Bad Bad!

I've been so busy that I can't take the time as often. That's a good thing I suppose.

Keeping Busy Keeping Busy KWIM?

It's looking more and more that I won't be up to much visiting as I planned this summer but then again things may work out.

Gas is up over $3.10 a gallon so I'm still madly inlove with my cutey Smurf-Mobile. I even found a couple online groups for FIT owners. One is all about Car Guy stuff. The other just started up so we'll see how it goes. It's nice to know that I'm not the only owner that really wants an armrest too.

Last week I totally exhausted myself doing a few wedding flowers. It turned out very pretty but now I really HATE Lilies!! I purposely picked up the flowers a couple of days early and the stupid lilies would not open. Of course there were still a couple of very stubborn hold-outs that got left here at home and they look fabulous now......a week late!!!!!! Damn Stargazers. Of course that same day I also did a few corsages and bouts for Prom. but I just traded weeding the yard for the kids who needed them and it's already looking much better.

No For Sale By Neighbour signs for me!

Bridget came over last night and we went over what she would like for her big day next month. I love Brides who leave it all up to me! They tell me their colours and a few favourite flowers and off I go to make it pretty. It's the best. For such young kids she and Brandon really have it on the ball

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Croppin' Round the Clock

So I haven't yet decided if I'm incredibly stupid or terribly in need of human contact. I woke Friday planning to take a nap sometime b4 I left to go cropping that afternoon. Totally did not happen. Instead I blithely went my way anyway sans nap. Fast forward 36 hours into the overnight crop to celebrate National Scrapbook Day.
Still no nap but also no drugs. Patty sent daughter Janues home and she got me a couple of avandament so I wasn't completely loopy. Never again!
A couple of days and nights does are now packed in my purse.The funny thing was I didn't really miss the dose til about 1 or 2 pm. Then I really got a bit loopy.
So I've decided I'm much to friggin' old for this crap. Last weekend up at the cabin I hardly slept but that was okay since I knew there was a bed just a few steps away. This time I was aways from home and even though I made it back okay it was through no small effort on my part. Of course then I got a few phone calls so I still didn't make it to bed til close to midnight. I talk too damn much anyway but a lack of sleep sure gives me diarherra of the mouth. So to any of my fellow SIU scrappers I apoligize for any of my remarks that may have offended.
I did get a ton of stuff done and actually used photos and got a bit of journaling done too. I think I have caught up to my own personal goals quite nicely.