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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Little Hero!!

My sweet LucyBelle saved my life last week. I passed out and came to with a face full of doggy slobber, her on my chest yipping and barking at me in what can only be described as some mutant version of canine to human CPR.
As I a little more alert she was jumping on me then going and scratching at the fridge. She knew I needed juice! Next thing I knew there were a lot of people in my house saying we had to in get to the ER! Now! Sarah swears I called her but I don't remember doing it at all. I think Lucy dialed the phone and impersonated me.
While I was getting the help I needed at the Hospital. She got to go play with the kids at Aunt Carla's..... her version of little dog heaven. It only took a second, she spotted an open door and was off to freedom and adventure out into the road. A passing car and she was gone.
My little furbaby, my sweetie, my buddy, my friend. Goodbye Lucy my love .....I will miss you every single day for the rest of my life.

RIP Lucy Belle Pupper Dog, 13 June 2008~14 September 2012 under Aunt Carla's rosebushes.


janalee said...

i'm so glad you are here :)
and so sorry that lucy is not :(

{{hugs}} to you

Y Control said...

Such a nice and sad story at the same time, makes you realize how amazing our dogs are, I'm sorry for your loss tough. :(

Anonymous said...

Sweet dog;)